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Arrow The Campion

Insignia of 12th Mechanized Brigade..
The modern day Bulford Camp is 2 camps separated by Marlborough Road.. The camp on the eastern side contains Picton Barracks which since 1992 has housed the headquarters of 3rd (UK) Division and its Signals Regiment..Kiwi Barracks, where many of the streets are named after New Zealand towns, houses the 4th Battalion The Rifles as well as 3rd Regiment Royal Military Police..The camp was built as a mixture of tents and huts in 1897..The section called Sling Camp was occupied by New Zealand soldiers of the Australia New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) during the First World War.. The ANZACs left their mark by creating the Bulford Kiwi, a large mural on the hillside..This was done in February and March 1919, by the Canterbury and Otago Engineers Battalions..The design was executed by Sergeant-Major Percy Cecil Blenkarne of the Education Staff from a sketch of a stuffed kiwi specimen in the British Museum.. The site was surveyed and the design extended on to the site by Sergeant-Major V.T. Low, NZE of the Education Staff..During World War II, the Kiwi was camouflaged with leaf mould, out of concerns that German bombers would use the Kiwi as a navigation marker during their raids over Britain..Very distorted views of the kiwi from the right of the hill can be seen from Woodhenge and near Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England, about 2 miles (3 km) west of Amesbury and 8 miles (13 km) north of Salisbury..One of the most famous sites in the world...

Chalk Kiwi from Postcard, c.1918, Bulford, England...

The camp on the western side contains Ward Barracks which houses the HQ of 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade..The Headquarters of the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police is housed at Campion Lines which is also on the western side..The brigade HQ, with 2 battle groups – the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment and the 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards – deployed to Afghanistan in 2007..Under Army 2020, its headquarters remains at Bulford and it forms part of the Reaction Force..During the First World War, the 12th Infantry Brigade, a regular army formation, was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division..It then spent much of the rest of the conflict engaged in trench warfare.. During the 70s, it was one of 2 "square" brigades assigned to 2nd Armoured Division...After being briefly converted to "Task Force Delta" in the late 70s, the brigade was reinstated in 81, assigned to 1st Armoured Division and based at Quebec Barracks at Osnabrück..It remained with 1st Armoured Division, apart from a spell under HQ 3rd Armoured Division during Operation Granby, until disbandment under Options for Change..In 98, the brigade was reformed in mechanized form under 3rd Mechanised Division at Aldershot Garrison..

MOTÖRHEAD + Dogs of War..

Roughly 20 miles from the Bulford Kiwi are the Fovant Badges, a group of 8 military badges cut mostly by camps in World War I.. Another nearby military badge is Lamb Down Military Badge near Codford St. Mary..The village is on the A36 road between Salisbury and Warminster..The soldiers of 13 Trg Bn AIF who maintained the badge as a form of punishment named the site 'Misery Hill..The Australian Rising Sun Badge and the War Cemetery are now the only visible reminders of a period when hundreds of troops from Britain, Australia and New Zealand were stationed in and around Codford... do you think I say when I go to the feedstore in town, "Oh, now WALLY, give me a bag of that F-in' pig feed, and 10 pounds of that bitchly cow corn"?. And the bank do I tell Mrs. Bollinger, "Oh, here's one big bastard of a check, give me some of your Christ-ing mooney?".. THERE, LOOK THERE, SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!..

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