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Lightbulb Pilot January


Classic hit pain stakingly remastered - ENJOY..
January is a pop rock song recorded by the Scottish rock band Pilot.. Written by David Paton and produced by Alan Parsons, "January" was the sole number one single in the UK for Pilot, ironically going to the top of the charts on 1 February 1975..(MCMLXXV) was a common year starting on Wednesday...

Wednesday Addams..

The first month was called Januarius by the Romans, after Janus, the god of doors and gates.. We see the same word in janua, the Latin for a gate or opening..From the idea that a door is a way in, an entrance, it became a custom among the Romans to pray to Janus whenever they undertook a new work.. He was also the god of the beginning of the day, and it was only natural that when a new month was added at the beginning of the year it should be named after him.. During this month offerings to the god were made of meal, frankincense, and wine, each of which had to be quite new..Since a gate opens both ways, Janus was thought to be able to see back into the past, and forward into the future, and he was usually represented in pictures as having a double head that looked both ways.. On the earliest Roman coins he is drawn with two bearded faces, with a staff in one hand, and a key in the other, He was also the protector of trade and shipping, and on some coins his head is shown with the prow of a ship.. When people wished to picture him as the god of the year, they drew him holding the number 300 in one hand, and 65 in the other..Janus was worshiped on the Janiculum (Hill of Janus), one of the se7en hills on which Rome was built.. Since he was the God of Gates, all the gates of Rome were under his care, especially the archway through which the army marched to war, and by which it returned.. This archway was afterwards replaced by a temple which was called Janus Quadrifrons-that is, 4-sided-because it was square..Hey, I'm not square, you're the one that's square..In demonology, Bifrons is a demon, Earl of Hell, with 60 legions of demons (66 according to other authors) under his command, and changes corpses from their original grave into other places, sometimes putting magick lights on the graves that appear like candles...

Repeat, Piper Down!..

Early in the morning of February 4, 1975, Chinese officials ordered that the city of Haicheng be evacuated, believing there to be a large chance of an EQ occurring..The election was characterised by increased tension and marked a turning point in the emergence of Tamil militancy..Colonel Richard RatSimAndrava was President of MadagaScar for 6 days, his assassination led to a civil war at 8 p.m. while driving from the presidential palace to his home..13-A fire breaks out in the World Trade Center– Britain's coal miners accepted a 35% pay rise offer from the government..Listen, we don't mind the gays, and the lesbians, that's fine.. But don't you dare be bringing people from North Wales down here!.Janus is an inner satellite of Saturn...

Sexy Beast Goat Clip..

Janus was said to be the son of Apollo, the God of the Sun, whose daily task it was to drive across the sky in his chariot of fire..Apollo had another son, named Phaeton, who one day persuaded his father to allow him to drive the sun chariot..Another sad story told of Apollo is that of his friendship with a youth named Hyacinthus, to talk with whom Apollo used often to come down to the earth.. Another flower which should always remind us of Apollo is the sunflower.. A story says that there once lived a girl named Clytie, and that each day, with eyes full of love for the fair sun god, she watched him journey across the sky: but Apollo, knowing nothing of her love, took no heed of her as he passed...At last the gods took pity on her, and changed her into a sunflower.. Her green dress became green leaves, and her golden hair became yellow petals..The name for this month among the Angles and Saxons was Wulfmonath (Wolf month), since it was the time of year when the wolves were unable to find food, and their hunger made them bold enough to come into the villages..Janus had no flamen or specialised priest (sacerdos) assigned to him, but the King of the Sacred Rites (rex sacrorum) himself carried out his ceremonies..She often appeared sitting pictured with a peacock armed and wearing a goatskin cloak..Svadhishthana ("one's own base"), or sacral chakra, is the second primary chakra according to Hindu Tantrism... need to get our act together..Take it off the street..bring it on home and drop them guns on the floor.. Sharon. Sharon! Are you OK?.It's Gaz..He's been shot!.Again?..Peggy..Those words you said before, say them again..Well, you said it, me and Frank, cut from the same cloth, we understood each other..Do not forget who it is you serve...

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