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Arrow GallowWay

Execution of Franz..
A gallows (or scaffold) is a frame, typically wooden, used for execution by hanging, or as a means of torture before execution, as was used when being hanged, drawn and quartered..The simplest form (as often used in the game "Hangman") resembles an inverted "L" (or a Greek/Cyrillic "Г"), with a single upright and a horizontal beam to which the rope noose would be attached..Right on schedule, the executioner clad in black save for his white gloves, set about his grim task..

Justine's Hanging/Frankenstein...

Galloway is bounded by sea to the west and south, the Galloway Hills to the north, and the River Nith to the east; the border between Kirkcudbright and Wigtown shires is marked by the River Cree., The definition has, however, fluctuated greatly in size over history..The valleys of three rivers, the Urr Water, the Water of Ken and River Dee, and the Cree, all running north-south, provide much of the good arable land, although there is also some arable land on the coast..A hardy breed of black, hornless beef named Galloway cattle is native to the region, in addition to the more distinctive 'Belted Galloway' or 'Beltie'..In the west, the city of Rerigonium (literally 'very royal place'), shown on Ptolemy's map of the world, is a strong contender for the site of Pen Rhionydd, referred to in the Welsh Triads as one of the 'three thrones of Britain' associated with the legendary King Arthur, and may also have been the caput of the sub-Roman Brythonic kingdom of Rheged..Rerigonium's exact position is uncertain except that it was 'on Loch Ryan', close to modern day Stranraer; it is possible that it is the modern settlement of Dunragit (Dun Rheged)..The Romans named the inhabitants of Galloway the Novantae..During a period of Scottish allegiance a Galloway contingent followed David, King of Scots in his invasion of England and led the attack in his defeat at the Battle of the Standard (1138)...

Gallows may be permanent to act as a deterrent and grim symbol of the power of high justice (the French word for gallows, potence, stems from the Latin word potentia, meaning "power")..The only surviving New Drop gallows in the UK are in Rutland County Museum..Hanging people from early gallows sometimes involved fitting the noose around the person's neck while he or she was on a ladder or in a horse-drawn cart underneath..During the era of public execution in London, England, a prominent gallows stood at Tyburn, on what is now Marble Arch.. Later executions occurred outside Newgate Gaol, where the Old Bailey now stands..Occasionally, improvised gallows were used, usually by hanging the condemned from a tree or street light.. Hangings from such improvised gallows are usually lynchings rather than judicial executions.. In Afghanistan, Taliban used football goals as gallows...

Galloway was born on 16 August 1954 in Dundee; the eldest of three, he has a younger brother and sister, Graham and Colette.. His teetotal parents were George Galloway senior, a Scottish trade unionist, and Sheila (née Reilly) who is of Irish descent.. Initially raised in the Lochee area of Dundee, he has described himself as "born in an attic in a slum tenement in the Irish quarter of Dundee, which is known as Tipperary..The massacre of Kurds and Shias just after the 1991 Gulf war, according to Galloway was "a civil war that involved massive violence on both sides"..For his contact with Saddam, Galloway was dubbed the "MP for Baghdad North..After unsuccessfully contesting the seat of Poplar and Limehouse in 2010, where he came third, with 17.5% of the vote,he returned to Westminster at the Bradford West by-election in 2012..The 5-hour attack began in the evening of March 16, 1988, following a series of indiscriminate conventional (rocket and napalm) attacks..According to regional Kurdish rebel commanders, Iraqi aircraft, coordinated by helicopters, conducted up to 14 bombings in sorties of se7en to 8 planes each..The attack killed between 3,200 and 5,000 people and injured 7,000 to 10,000 more, most of them civilians..Thousands more died of complications, diseases, and birth defects in the years after the attack..The attack was part of the Al-Anfal campaign in northern Iraq, as well as part of the Iraqi attempt to repel the Iranian Operation Zafar 7.."Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability"...
Severe driving conditions such as heavy traffic, poor fuel quality, harsh weather conditions and exceeding oil change intervals can all cause the build-up of a thick, tar-like substance called sludge..He was posing for a photograph near his car in Golborne Road with Moroccan doctor Mostafa Maroof and a friend when Masterson approached them “in a rage”..If untreated, it can rob an engine of power and, ultimately, its life..., I am not now, nor have I ever been, an oil trader..I have never seen a barrel of oil, owned one, bought one, sold one - and neither has anyone on my behalf.. Now I know that standards have slipped in the last few years in Washington, but for a lawyer you are remarkably cavalier with any idea of justice.. I am here today but last week you already found me guilty.. You traduced my name around the world without ever having asked me a single question, without ever having contacted me, without ever having written to me or telephoned me, without any attempt to contact me whatsoever, and you call that justice...

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