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Arrow Phallic Shaped Plan.

Phallic tombstone..
The ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated phallic festivals and built a shrine with an erect phallus to honor Hermes, messenger of the gods.. Those figures may be related to the Egyptian god Min who was depicted holding his erect phallus. Figures of women with a phallus for a head have been found across Greece and Yugoslavia..Scholars of anthropology, sociology, and feminism have pointed out the symbolic nature of phallic architecture, especially large skyscrapers which dominate the landscape as symbols of male domination, power and political authority...

I'm your huckleberry Tombstone scene..

Verticality and great height have ever been the spatial expression of potentially violent power.."Sigmund Freud metaphorically drew a comparison between "high achievement and the acquisition of wealth as building monuments to our penises."..Oversized Images that take over half the page are also one aspect of this Phallic Shaped Plan..In art and architecture, acutely vertical buildings are often seen as a symbol of masculinity and horizontal buildings are seen as more feminine..., God, this town's going to remember us..Darling, please don't take the Lord's name in vain; I need all the friends I can get..Arthur, let me explain this to you..if it were any bigger it would BE the door...

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