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Lightbulb The Richthofen of the Orient

Darth 27 August 1939 (aged 26)..
In 1935, the Imperial Japanese Army held a competition between Nakajima, Mitsubishi, and Kawasaki to design a low-wing monoplane to replace the Kawasaki Ki-10 (Army Type 95 Fighter) biplane.. The new fighter was to have also a better performance than the experimental Mitsubishi Ki-18..

Burning Sky..

The results were the Nakajima Ki-27, the Kawasaki Ki-28, and the Mitsubishi Ki-33..The Ki-27 was the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force's main fighter until the start of World War II.. When placed into combat service over northern China in March 1938, the Ki-27 enjoyed air superiority until the introduction of the faster Soviet-built Polikarpov I-16 fighters by the Chinese..The Ki-27 made its first flight on 15 October 1936...

The Ki-27 was also exported for use with Manchukuo and Thai armed forces, seeing combat with both.. In Thai service, Ki-27s reportedly damaged two North American P-51 Mustangs and shot down one Lockheed P-38 Lightning..In the final months of the war, desperate lack of aircraft forced the Japanese to utilize all available machines and the Ki-27 and 79 were no exception.. Some were equipped with up to 500 kg (1,100 lb) of explosives for kamikaze attacks, but some were redeployed as fighters, suffering terrible losses on 16 February 1945..Its Allied nickname was "Nate", although it was called "Abdul" in the "China Burma India" theater... happens in threes.. Hey, that's showbiz, you know, pretend the other 3 guys are with you.. Do you ever wonder if this war's going to catch up with us?.This is Ward 3, and this is crazy seaweed...

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