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Arrow Parallel Lines

Clip from 31 North 62 East..
The 31st parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 31 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane.. It crosses Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America and the Atlantic Ocean..Part of the border between Iran and Iraq is defined by the parallel.. In the United States, it defines part of the border between the states of Mississippi and Louisiana, and most of the border between Alabama and Florida..At this latitude the sun is visible for 14 hours, 10 minutes during the summer solstice and 10 hours, 8 minutes during the winter solstice..Fetal development - 31 weeks pregnant-Your baby weighs about 1.5kg and looks more than ever like a newborn.. He measures about 41cm from crown to toe.. His arms, legs and body continue to fill out – and they are finally proportional in size to his head..You've probably gained weight this month, somewhere between 1.3kg and 1.8kg...

Collins eliminates "Cairo Gang" ...

Historically, most calendar reforms have been made in order to synchronize the calendar with the astronomical year (either solar or sidereal) and/or the synodic month in lunar or lunisolar calendars..When Julius Caesar took power in Rome, the Roman calendar had ceased to reflect the year accurately.. The addition of an intercalary month to the year when needed had not been applied consistently, because it affected the length of terms of office..The Gregorian calendar is currently used by most of the world..Some calendar reformers seek to equalize the length of each month in the year.. This is often accomplished by creating a calendar that has 13 months of 4 weeks (28 days) each, making 364 days.. The earliest known proposal of this type was the Georgian Calendar (1745) by Rev. Hugh Jones..The contemporary ISO basic Latin alphabet has 26 letters, which could be used, together with a further binary indicator, as keys for 52 weeks...

The 4Courts ablaze during the battle, 30 June 1922..

January – The year begins with the British Empire at its largest extent, covering a quarter of the world and ruling over 1 in 4 people on earth/13 – The flu epidemic has claimed 804 victims in Britain\15 – Michael Collins becomes Chairman of the Irish Provisional Government/26 – Italian forces occupy Misrata in Libya. The reconquest of Libya begins\February 2 – Ulysses, by James Joyce, is published in Paris on his 40th birthday by Sylvia Beach/25 – French serial killer Henri Désiré Landru is beheaded by the guillotine-Widower with two children, aged 43, with comfortable income, serious and moving in good society, desires to meet widow with a view to matrimony\March 11 – Mohandas Gandhi is arrested in Bombay for sedition/20 – The USS Langley is commissioned as the first United States Navy aircraft carrier\May 11 – Radio station KGU begins broadcasting in Hawaii\18 – Sergei Diaghilev, Igor Stravinsky, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Proust, James Joyce, Erik Satie and Clive Bell dine together in Paris, at the Majestic hotel, their only joint meeting/June 1-The Royal Ulster Constabulary is officially founded\11 – U.S. première of Robert J. Flaherty's Nanook of the North, the first commercially successful feature-length documentary film/22 – Irish Republican Army agents assassinate British Army field marshal Sir Henry Wilson in London; the assassins are sentenced to death on July 18\24 – Weimar Republic foreign minister Walther Rathenau is assassinated; the murderers are captured on July 17/28 – The Irish Civil War and Battle of Dublin begin when the Irish National Army, using artillery loaned by the British, begins to bombard the anti-Treaty Irish Republican Army forces-Fighting in Dublin lasts until July 5\July - Launch of the Austin 7/ car, produced at Longbridge\11 – The Hollywood Bowl opens\17 – The final signings of Treaty 11, an agreement between George V, King of Canada, and various Canadian First Nations, are conducted at Fort Liard/August 22 – Irish Civil War: General Michael Collins is assassinated in West Cork..31x62 = 1922...

The 62nd parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 62 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane..The 62nd parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 62 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane..62 days is how many weeks?.. is an abyss..profound as a thousand nights..Centuries come and go.. Can you imagine enduring centuries, experiencing each day the same futilities.. I have been to many strange stalkings!..

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