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Lightbulb Níos Gaelaí ná na Gaeil féin

Fairy-Luis Ricardo Falero..
Áine is strongly associated with County Limerick.. The hill of Knockainey (Irish: Cnoc Áine) is named after her, and was site of rites in her honour, involving fire and the blessing of the land, recorded as recently as 1879.. She is also associated with sites such as Toberanna (Tobar Áine), County Tyrone; Dunany (Dun Áine), County Louth; Lissan (Lios Áine), County Londonderry; and Cnoc Áine near Teelin, County Donegal...

The Story of the Fairytale of New York..

In other tales Áine is the wife of Gerald FitzGerald, 3rd Earl of Desmond, known popularly as "Iarl Gearóid".. Rather than having a consensual marriage, he rapes her (thought to be based on the story of Ailill Aulom), and she exacts her evenge by either changing him into a goose, killing him or both.. The FitzGeralds thus claim an association with Áine; despite the Norman origins of the clan, the FitzGeralds would become known for being "More Irish than the Irish themselves."..In yet other versions of her myth, she is the wife or daughter of the sea god, Manannán mac Lir.. The feast of Midsummer Night was held in her honor.. In County Limerick, she is remembered in more recent times as Queen of the Fairies... this has happened before, and it will all happen again..Goodness gracious, whatever shall we do?..You know, I have the strangest feeling that I've seen that ship before...
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