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Arrow Carried about of winds

ACute radiation syndrome..

Chernobyl Coat of arms 1193..

The city was the administrative center of Chernobyl Raion (district) from 1923 until it was disestablished in 1988..The city was evacuated in 1986 due to the Chernobyl disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, located 14.5 kilometres (9.0 mi) north-northwest, the most disastrous single nuclear event in history..After the Incident the Chernobyl Raion administration was transferred to the neighboring Ivankiv Raion.. Though the city today is mostly a ghost town, a small number of people reside in houses marked with signs stating that the "Owner of this house lives here"..Russian military pilots have described how they created rain clouds to protect Moscow from radioactive fallout after the nuclear disaster..A barber (from the Latin barba, "beard") is a person whose occupation is mainly to cut, dress, groom, style and shave men's and boys' hair..

The Cult - Rain..

Prior to the 20th century, Chernobyl was inhabited by Ukrainian and some Polish peasants, and a relatively large number of Jews..During the period 1929–33, Chernobyl suffered greatly from mass killings during Stalin's collectivization campaign, and in the Holodomor (famine) that followed..The Polish community of Chernobyl was deported to Kazakhstan in 1936 during the Frontier Clearances..During World War II, Chernobyl was occupied by the German Army from 25 August 1941 to 17 November 1943.. The Jewish community was murdered during the Nazi occupation of 1941–44.. Twenty years later, the area was chosen as the site of the first nuclear power station on Ukrainian soil..Mr Flowers was expelled from Belarus in 2004 after claiming that Russia had seeded the clouds.. He said: "The local population say there was no warning before these heavy rains and the radioactive fallout arrived"..Men in Ancient Greece would have their beards, hair, and fingernails trimmed and styled by the κουρεύς (cureus), in an agora (market place) which also served as a social gathering for debates and gossip..

ButCher's hands, gentle souls...

The city's name is the same as a local Ukrainian name for Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort or common wormwood, which is чорнобиль or "chornobyl").. An alternative etymology holds that it is a combination of the words chornyi (чорний, black) and byllia (билля, grass blades or stalks), hence it would literally mean black grass or black stalks..The Duga-3 over-the-horizon radar array several miles out of Chernobyl was the origin of the infamous Russian Woodpecker, designed as part of Russia's anti-ballistic missile early warning radar network..Chernobylite is the name cited by two media sources for highley radioactive, unusual and potentially novel crystalline formations found at the Chernobyl power plant after the meltdown.. These formations were found in the basement below Reactor No. 4 during an investigation into missing reactor fuel..Dr Tierney had been working in a hospital in the Highlands at the time of Chernobyl in April 1986.. He remembered the news reports about contamination of soil, water, and livestock with caesium 137 and iodine 131 on the west coast of northern Scotland, where heavy rain fell as the radioactive cloud passed over in the first week of May 1986.. A morning visit to the tonsor became a part of the daily routine, as important as the visit to the public baths...

Cutaneous radiation syndrome (CRS) refers to the skin symptoms of radiation exposure..In most cases, healing occurs by regenerative means; however, very large skin doses can cause permanent hair loss, damaged sebaceous and sweat glands, atrophy, fibrosis (mostly Keloids), decreased or increased skin pigmentation, and ulceration or necrosis of the exposed tissue..The most commonly used predictor of acute radiation symptoms is the whole-body absorbed dose..Increasing distance from the radiation source reduces the dose according to the inverse-square law for a point source..The longer that humans are subjected to radiation the larger the dose will be..On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized.. He died 3 weeks later, becoming the first confirmed victim of lethal polonium-210-induced acute radiation syndrome..According to his wife and father, he was working for MI6 and MI5 after receiving the asylum..Training to be a barber is achieved through various means around the world.. "If a reading on a sheep is 13 above the background reading, we classify that as a failure"..But in the UK, we are, on average, exposed to a "natural" annual dose of 2.23 millisieverts... civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values..You are not working for the Baron Rothschild!..You're working for Israel, a small country!.Last night, Darth Vader came down from Planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn't take Lorraine out, that he'd melt my Brain...

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