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Major André's hanging..
John André (2 May 1750 – 2 October 1780) was a British Army officer hanged as a spy by the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War for assisting Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York to the British..

Soon thereafter on the morning of 22 September, American troops commanded by Col. James Livingston, guarding Verplanck's Point across the river, began firing on the Vulture, which received many hits and was forced to retire down river without André..André rode on in safety until 9 a.m. on 23 September, when he came near Tarrytown, New York, where armed militiamen John Paulding, Isaac Van Wart and David Williams stopped him.."Gentlemen," said André, who thought they were Tories because one was wearing a Hessian soldier's overcoat, "I hope you belong to our party.." "What party?" asked one of the men...

Sir Henry Clinton, the British commander in New York, did all he could to save André, his favourite aide, but refused to surrender Arnold in exchange for André even though he personally despised Arnold.. André appealed to George Washington to be executed by firing squad but by the rules of war, he was hanged as a spy at Tappan, New York on 2 October 1780..A religious poem, written two days before his execution, was found in his pocket after his execution... must think I'm either an angel or a fool..I'm neither..Do you suppose death is beautiful, Peter?..You know, doctor, a man shows his character by the way he handles a sword...
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