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Lightbulb CherNobyl

Official Poster..
The 58th Academy Awards ceremony, organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, took place on March 24, 1986, at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles beginning at 6:00 p.m..During the ceremony, AMPAS presented Academy Awards (Oscars) in 23 categories honoring films released in 1985..Out of Africa won se7en awards including Best Picture..18 films had multiple nominations..3 films won multiple awards..O'Flaherty of the SF Chronicle wrote, "Last night's sustained-release Oscar pill moved faster through the system than most, but from a standpoint of taste it was the worst in years"..Together they immediately placed a fatal suggestion in the viewer's mind that there must be a shortage of elegant people in the movie business today.. Houston Chronicle TV critic Ann Hodges remarked, "Oscar 1986 goes into the record books as a very good year - the year the Academy parked the pompous and let the show biz show...Ratings 37.8 million 27.3% (Nielsen ratings)..

Cher presents Best Supporting Actor..

26 April 1986..In the aftermath of the Incident, 237 people suffered from acute radiation sickness (ARS), of whom 31 died within the first three months..Most of the victims were fire and rescue workers trying to bring the accident under control, who were not fully aware of how dangerous the exposure to radiation in the smoke was..The Chernobyl reactor is now enclosed in a large concrete sarcophagus, which was built quickly to allow continuing operation of the other reactors at the plant..After the disaster, 4 square kilometers of pine forest directly downwind of the reactor turned reddish-brown and died, earning the name of the "Red Forest"..Of the 440,350 wild boar killed in the 2010 hunting season in Germany, over 1000 were found to be contaminated with levels of radiation above the permitted limit..If the forests that have been contaminated by radioactive material catch on fire, they will spread the radioactive material further outwards in the smoke..The United Klingdom was forced to restrict the movement of sheep from upland areas when radioactive caesium-137 fell across parts of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and northern England.. Radiation is most damaging to cells that are actively dividing..

Chernobyl Disaster..

Caesium-137 is among the most problematic of the short-to-medium-lifetime fission products because it easily moves and spreads in nature due to the high water solubility of caesium's most common chemical compounds, which are salts..Ingestion of caesium-137 can be treated with Prussian blue, which binds to it chemically and reduces the biological half-life to 30 days..caesium-134 and caesium-137 were released into the environment during nearly all nuclear weapon tests..In April 2011, elevated levels of caesium-137 were also being found in the environment after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters in Japan..Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac gave cyanide its name, from the Greek word κυανός (kyanos, "blue"), because of the colour of Prussian blue...
5+8 = 13... where are you going?.I don't know..You'll get a oscar for this..You should give it to them..I'm expendable..Silence, Earthling..I am an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan!..

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