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Lightbulb L'aveu

Paramount Pictures..
Through brainwashing techniques, including sleep deprivation and being forced to walk back and forth all the time, he is slowly pressured into confessing imaginary crimes, including treason, and to repeat this confession in a public court.. Years later, he meets his now demoted tormentor, who tries to downplay his role at that time..Yves Montand lost more than 15 kilos to play his role..Release dates 29 April 1970...

Yves Montand-A Paris ..

April 11 -An avalanche at a tuberculosis sanatorium in the French Alps kills 74, mostly young boys-Apollo program: Apollo 13 (Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, Jack Swigert) is launched toward the Moon/13 – An oxygen tank in the Apollo 13 spacecraft explodes, forcing the crew to abort the mission and return in 4 days\16 - Rev. Ian Paisley wins a by-election/ 18– British Leyland announced that the Morris Minor, its longest running model which had been in production since 1948, would be discontinued at the start of next year\20-McCartney, is released/22 – The first Earth Day is celebrated in the U.S.\24 – China's first satellite (Dong Fang Hong 1) is launched into orbit using a Long March-1 Rocket (CZ-1) – Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane is invited to a tea party at the White House by Tricia Nixon-The pair planned to spike Nixon's tea cup with a heavy dose of LSD-Slick is recognized and told to leave because she is on the FBI list/29 – The U.S. invades Cambodia to hunt out the VC; widespread, large antiwar protests occur in the U.S... there a specific instance in an airplane emergency when you can recall fear?.Don't you worry..I'll tell ya, I remember this one time -I'm in a Banshee at night in combat conditions...

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