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Lightbulb 27x27

= 729..

The Israeli bar code story is not so simple..Most of the products have a barcode to identify them...

In the films Back to the Future Part II and The Handmaid's Tale, cars in the future are depicted with barcode licence plates..Natasha Richardson as Kate / Offred...

Alliance between duke Eudes of Aquitaine and Munuza, Moorish governor of Cerdanya, cemented by marriage with Eudes' illegitimate daughter Lamp├ęgia..

Assyrian calendar 5479..

Battle of Baykand: The Umayyad Arabs narrowly escape disaster when cut off from water by the Turgesh, and push through to reach Bukhara in Transoxiana..Siege of Kamarja: A small Arab garrison defends the fortress of Kamarja against the Turgesh for 58 days, ending with a negotiated withdrawal to Samarkand..

Berber calendar 1679..

729-Chinese eating sticks are introduced in the next 20 years in Japan, where people heretofore have used one-piece pincers.. The Japanese called them hashi...

Buddhist calendar 1273..

The Magic Sum of the whole 27x27 square is 9,855 being the number of days in a 27 year period..

King Osric of Northumbria nominates Ceolwulf, a distant cousin and brother of Coenred as his successor.. After Osric's death Ceolwulf takes the Throne... book is not a history.. Rather it is an attempt to establish analytical tools that will assist the understanding of history..Each individual in a society is a nexus where innumerable relationships of this character intersect..The instrument of expansion of Classical civilization was a social organization, slavery..The process by which civilization, as an abstract entity distinct from the societies in which it is embodied, dies or is reborn is a very significant one...

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