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Lightbulb Castle Bravo

Production code 503..
Jughead opens with a flashback of Desmond Hume, in the Philippines, searching for a doctor to help his wife Penny Widmore, who is giving birth to their son, Charlie..At her house, Desmond finds that the woman is in a vegetative state after experiencing temporal disassociation..Juliet deduces that they are members of the Others because they can speak Latin..Faraday deduces that the American military has come to the island to test hydrogene bombs, and that the Others are in possession of one..

LOST + Jughead' ABC HQ ..

The Mark 16 nuclear bomb was a large thermonuclear bomb (hydrogen bomb), based on the design of the Ivy Mike, the first thermonuclear device ever test fired.. The Mark 16 is more properly designated TX-16/EC-16 as it only existed in Experimental/Emergency Capability (EC) versions..This required both a considerable reduction in weight of the explosive package and the replacement of the elaborate cryogenic system with Dewar flasks for replenishing boiled-off deuterium...The TX-16 was scheduled to be tested as the Castle Yankee "Jughead" device until the overwhelming success of the Castle Bravo "Shrimp" test device rendered it obsolete...

A view of the Sausage device casing..

The 82-ton "Mike" device was essentially a building that resembled a factory rather than a weapon.. It has been reported that Soviet engineers derisively referred to Mike as a "thermonuclear installation"..At its center, a very large cylindrical thermos flask or cryostat, held the cryogenic deuterium fusion fuel.. A regular fission bomb (the "primary") at one end was used to create the conditions needed to initiate the fusion reaction..The device was designed by Richard Garwin, a student of Enrico Fermi, on the suggestion of Edward Teller..known colloquially as "the father of the hydrogen bomb", although he claimed he did not care for the title..

Faraday is best known for his work regarding electricity and magnetism.. In 1848, as a result of representations by the Prince Consort, Faraday was awarded a grace and favour house in Hampton Court in Middlesex, free of all expenses or upkeep.. This was the Master Mason's House, later called Faraday House, and now No. 37 Hampton Court Road.. In 1858 Faraday retired to live there..Faraday was the first to report what later came to be called metallic nanoparticles..His first recorded experiment was the construction of a voltaic pyle with se7en ha'penny coins, stacked together with se7en disks of sheet zinc, and 6 pieces of paper moistened with salt water...

30 January 2009-Anti Posted Workers Directive strikes – Workers at around a dozen energy sites across the UK walked out in support of the workers at the Lindsey refinery, who walked out two days ago over the hiring of foreign workers-A British Soldier from 1st Battalion The Rifles, later named as Corporal Daniel Nield, was killed in a firefight in Southern Afghanistan.. It took the total number of British forces to die in the conflict to 143..February 2 -Heavy snow fell overnight across large parts of the country, causing widespread disruption to transport and education... is it, when something happens, it is always you 3 ?. Believe me, Professor..I've been asking myself the same question for 6 years..It's beautiful, isn't it?.. The moon...
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