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Arrow Tankh 23

Return OT Pink Panther..
The Monument to Soviet Tank Crews (Památník sovětských tankistů) was a World War II memorial located in Prague..However, the actual monument was an IS-2m heavy tank instead of a T-34, and its turret was mis-labelled 23; Goncharenko's tank had borne the tactical marking I-24.. It is also known as the Pink Tank because it was controversially painted pink..After the 1989 Velvet Revolution and the end of communist censorship, the legacy of the tank was openly discussed..Popular local lore noted that the number 23 painted on the tank's turret was indicative of the year of the Soviet invasion (1945 + 23 = 1968).. In February 1991, historian Pavel Bělina argued that there were "neither moral nor historical grounds" for preserving the monument..

The Pink Tank 24 June 2011..

On October 17, 2002, a fountain called "Propadliště času" (The Trapdoor of Time) was installed in the spot the tank formerly occupied in Prague..On June 20, 2011, the Pink Tank temporarily returned to Prague to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet occupation forces.. Its return included the erect middle finger, and the entire piece was placed on a barge on the Vltava river and displayed near the Charles Bridge until July 1, 2012..The Maybach HL230 was a water-cooled 60° 23 liter V12 gazoline engine designed by Maybach.. think it only fair to say that your being brought in on this case was not my idea..You are too modest..I shall let that pass, since you cannot possibly know whose leg it is that you are pushing...

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