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Lightbulb The RAF Reunion

Some Mothers ..
1973 November - Frank attends his annual RAF reunion and reflects on his past experiences -This episode has flashbacks on his past life...

Do 'Ave 'Em..

The wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips took place on Wednesday, 14 November 1973 at Westminster Abbey in London. Princess Anne is the only daughter and second child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, while Mark Phillips is a skilled horseman and equestrian... God in his wrath sent the world a saviour, miraculously born of two apes who descended on Earth from Earth's own future and man was afraid for both parent apes possessed the power of speech..Well with those two it's hard to figure who's influencin' who.. I think the time has come for some good old-fashioned UN-influencin'..What an excellent day for an exorcism..In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!.It is he who commands you!..You know, I make the questions and he does the answers...

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