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The High Priestess..

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Baron Saturday..

The first archaeological evidence for human foraging on Madagascar dates to 2000 BC.. Human settlement of Madagascar occurred between 350 BC and AD 550 by Austronesian peoples arriving on outrigger canoes from Borneo..The Malagasy ethnic group is often divided into 18 or more sub-groups of which the largest are the Merina of the central highlands..Approximately half of the country's population practice traditional religion, which tends to emphasize links between the living and the razana (ancestors).. The veneration of the dead,including one's ancestors, is based on the beliefs that the dead have acontinued existence, and may possess the ability to influence the fortune of the living..Islam is practiced on the island.. Islam was first brought to the island in the Middle Ages by Arab and Somali Muslim traders, who established several Islamic schools along the eastern coast..Almost half the Malagasy are Christian, with practitioners of Protestantism slightly outnumbering adherents to Roman Catholicism..Rugby Union is considered the national sport of Madagascar... clever of you to carry out your scheme of decoration on the floor as well..The silence that followed was a little awkward and in it, all three plainly heard a muffled scratching noise that seemed to come from a large wicker basket placed against the wall..'Have a heart now, just what is all this?'..

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