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Lightbulb Seacraft

Cutter (boat)..
The Pacific Seacraft 34 is a bluewater cruising yacht produced since 1984 by Pacific Seacraft of Washington, North Carolina..Although of GRP construction, the yacht is traditionally built with a cutter rig, skeg-hung rudder...

Echo And The Bunnymen - "The Cutter"..

Canoe stern and semi-long keel..The yacht is a cruising design, with a high displacement and the characteristic 'canoe' stern of Bill Crealock..(August 23, 1920 - September 26, 2009) was a yacht designer and author..In 1948, Crealock and three friends pooled their money, purchased an Old cutter, and set out "to study the behavior of boats at sea"... consequence, it is infinitely harder for the Wills of either to work on the other than on men of their own kind..Another factor which adds to the difficulty of a Negroid or Mongolian Sorcerer working his spells upon a European is the question of vibrations..Their variation in human beings is governed largely by the part of the earth's surface in which birth took place..To use a simple analogy, some races have long wave lengths and others short-and the greater the variation the more difficult it is for a malignant will to influence that of an intended victim..However, what I was really wondering was-is he a human being at all?'..

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