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Lightbulb אני ("ani"), meaning "I" in Hebrew

Afghan fighters shouldering FIM-92 Stinger Missiles..
The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was formed after the Saur Revolution on April 27, 1978.. The government was one with a pro-poor, pro-farmer and socialistic agenda.. It had close relations with the Soviet Union.. On December 5, 1978, a friendship treaty was signed between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan..Between 850,000–1.5 million civilians were killed and millions of Afghans fled the country as refugees, mostly to Pakistan and Iran...

Charlie Wilson's War - Another Broken Window..

April 22 - Izhar Cohen & the Alphabeta win the Eurovision Song Contest 1978 for Israel with their song "A-Ba-Ni-Bi"-The One Love Peace Concert is held at National Heroes Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica.. Bob Marley unites 2 opposing political leaders at this concert, bringing peace to the civil war-ridden streets of the city\23– Nottingham Forest win the Football League First Division title for the first time in their history/25 – St. Paul, Minnesota becomes the second U.S. city to repeal its gay rights ordinance after Anita Bryant's successful 1977 anti-gay campaign in Dade County, Florida\27 – Afghanistan President Daoud Khan is killed during a military coup; Nur Muhammad Taraki succeeds him beginning the Afghan Civil War which as of 2014 has not ended/30 – The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan is proclaimed under pro-communist leader Nur Muhammad Taraki... are you going?.Why don't you walk the wheel with us?.What is the matter my American friend?.What has upset you?..It's something I ate.. I think I've been poisoned..Or you're just excited about getting home..I think it's the baklavas..Look, I gotta go to the john again..You go on through and I'll catch up to you, OK?..

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