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Lightbulb Les Raisins de la Mort

She began her career at age 22..
The Grapes of Death is a French horror film directed by Jean Rollin.. It centres on a young woman who becomes trapped in a village where a dangerous pesticide has turned the residents into aggressive zombies..Release dates 5 July 1978...

The Grapes of Darth trailer ..

The Los Alfaques disaster was a road accident and tanker explosion which occurred on 11 July 1978 in Alcanar, near Tarragona, in Spain.. The tanker truck was loaded with 23 tons of highly flammable liquefied propylene.. 217 people (including the driver) were killed and 200 more severely burned..In either case, the leaking tanker formed a cloud of gaseous propylene that partially entered the campsite and also drifted on the wind towards a discothèque to the northeast..The white cloud attracted the attention of campsite patrons, who approached the cloud with curiosity as it continued to spread.. As the cloud began to permeate the crowded discothèque, it reached an ignition source and immediately flashed back into the tanker, causing a fire that nearly instantaneously ruptured the weakened tank and ignited the full load of gas..The explosion and fireball instantly killed the driver and other people within the area..In the week following the disaster, the patients from France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands were evacuated to their own countries..The 2 companies paid an equivalent of €13.23 million as compensation to the victims..After the tragedy, the transit of populated areas by vehicull's carrying dangerous cargo was prohibited in Spain, and would only be driven at night..

Largest ever supermarket survey reveals dangerous levels of pesticides in grapes; LIDL is Europe's greenest supermarket.. Our survey of 124 samples of grapes bought from leading supermarkets in Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy and Hungary identified 64 different pesticides..Despite widespread pesticide contamination some supermarkets performed much better than others..Because biocides are intended to kill living organisms, many biocidal products pose significant risk to human health and welfare..

Brittany beaches hit by toxic algae..Fears are growing over potentially lethal green algae piling up on the north Brittany coast following corpses of wild boars washing up at the picturesque tourist destination of côtes d'Armôr..Three dead boars were found floating in the water or slumped on muddy banks of the Gouessant estuary at Morieux on Wednesday after 18 were found dead the previous day.. A total of 31 animals have been found dead this month...The local mayor said the beach had been cordoned off because the slime could harbour pockets of toxic gas fatal to humans if they slipped on it...Ecologists blame the spread of the algae on nitrates in fertilisers used in intensive pig, sheep and dairy farming in Brittany, saying the nitrates flow into the river system and enter the sea..The Lille Metro ( Métro de Lille) is a driverless metro located in Lille, France..Line 2 opened on 3 April 1989 and it reached CH Dron (centre hospitalier: "hospital centre") near the Belgian border on 27 October 2000..On Sundays there is a train every 2 to 6 minutes.. A one-way ticket costs €1.50... Duke inhaled the first cloud of fragrant smoke from another of those long Hoyos which were his Especial pride, and answered guardedly..'Had you not better tell me Rex, to what particular beans you refer?'..Yes Herr Flick..You may continue with your Tea.. I have kept your egg's warm under the cozy..You have a very kind streak in your nature...

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