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Lightbulb Pacific Pan

Pacific Pottery Pan figurine..
Pacific Clay Products was one of the "Big Five" Southern California potteries in the production of ceramic tableware, kitchenware, and art wares from 1930 to 1942.. The "Big Five" Southern California potteries were Metlox, Vernon Kilns, Gladding, McBean & Co., J.A. Bauer Pottery, and Pacific Clay Products..In October 1942, all dinnerware and art ware was discontinued due to World War II as the company retooled for the production of war materials for the United States government..

Now the cup is no longer a Cup..

Vitrification is a proven technique in the disposal and long-term storage of nuclear waste or other hazardous wastes in a method called geomelting..According to the Pacific Northwest National Labs, "Vitrification locks dangerous materials into a stable glass form that will last for thousands of years..Porcelain, bone china and sanitaryware are examples of vitrified pottery, and are impermeable even without glaze.. Stoneware may be vitrified or semi-vitrified, the latter type would not be impermeable without glaze..Ceramics can be particularly radioactive if some compound of uranium (e.g., uranium oxide, sodium urinate) has been used to impart color (e.g., orange-red, green, yellow, black) to the glaze..

Within the system of Thelema, the Night of Pan, or N.O.X., is a mystical state that represents the stage of ego-death in the process of spiritual attainment...

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