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The Farrier..

Banner of Rutland...
Alpha France was a distributor of erotic films and French pornographic 1969-1987..In total, according to Internet Movie Database, 99 films were released and 15 were made ​​by Alpha France...Created in 1970 by Francis Mischkind he created in 1990. Alpha Blue One that quickly becomes Blue One..

Alpha France Intro..

Horseshoes have long been considered lucky.. They were originally made of iron, a material which was believed to ward off evil spirits, and traditionally were held in place with se7en nails, se7en being the luckiest number.. The superstition acquired a further Christian twist due to a legend surrounding the 10th century saint Dunstan, who worked as a blacksmith before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury..As a young boy, Dunstan studied under the Irish monks who then occupied the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey... With his parent's consent he was tonsured, received minor orders and served in the ancient church of St Mary.. He became so well known for his devotion to learning that he is said to have been summoned by his uncle Athelm, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to enter his service..He was later appointed to the court of King Athelstan..Dunstan soon became a favourite of the king and was the envy of other members of the court.. A plot was hatched to disgrace him and Dunstan was accused of being involved with witchcraft and black magic..Superstitious sailors believe that nailing a horseshoe to the mast will help their vessel avoid storms...

A unique collection of horseshoes presented by Royalty and Peers of the Realm passing through the manor, hangs on the walls of the Hall in Oakham Castle..The acorn exemplifies the former forestland, which at one time covered much of the county.. It can also be interpreted as representing "smallness and importance" and the oaks suggested by the name of Oakham..The green field represents the county's agriculture, especially its rich pastureland..Oakham was split out from Oakham Rural District in 1911 as an urban district..There are 26 councillors representing 16 wards on Rutland County Council... was a boy from the Blackfeet reservation, he used to do some work around here for a while..6teen, strong kid, good kid..He and I were really, really good friends..One day he went swimming and dove headfirst into the lake..and right into a rock.. And it snapped his neck, paralyzed him..And after the accident I'd look in on him from time to time..But he wasn't there. It was like his mind, his spirit, whatever you want to call it, just disappeared..The only thing left was just anger...

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