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The spy - The doors..

HQ Fitzpatrick House..
July – Nordic Council secretariat inaugurated/1 -The film Sunday Bloody Sunday is released, one of the first mainstream British films with a bisexual theme\3 – Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors is found dead in his bathtub in Paris, France/4 – Michael S. Hart posts the first e-book\ 5 26th Amendment to the US Constitution, formally certified by President Richard Nixon, lowers the voting age from 21 to 18/6 – Hastings Banda is proclaimed President for Life of Malawi– Police launched a murder investigation after THREE French tourists are found shot dead in Cheshire\8-Two rioters were shot dead by British troops in Derry, Northern Ireland/9 – The UK increases its troops in Northern Ireland to 11,000\10– 11 – Coup attempt in Morocco: 1,400 cadets take over the king's palace for 3 hours and kill 28 people; 158 rebels die when the king's troops storm the palace 10 high-ranking officers are later executed for involvement/10 – Gloria Steinem makes her Address to the Women of America\11 – Copper mines in Chile are nationalized/13-Ólafur Jóhannesson forms a government in Iceland-Jordanian army troops launch an offensive against Palestinian guerillas in Jordan-Yugoslavian government begins allowing foreign companies to take their profits from the country-Paced by a prodigious home run by Reggie Jackson, which hits a transformer on the roof of Tiger Stadium– Barlaston man Michael Bassett, 24, was found dead in his Fumer-Filled car...

On Her Majesty's Secret Service..

The earliest evidence of cold-hammering of native copper comes from the excavation at Çaÿonü Tepesi in eastern Anatolia..The radiocarbon date is 7250 ± 250 BCE.. Among the various items considered to be votive or amulets there was one that looked like a fishhook and one like an awl..Copper smelting technology gave rise to the Copper Age and then the Bronze Age..Sometimes granites erupt to surface as volcanoes, and copper mineralisation forms during this phase when the granite and volcanic rocks cool via hydrothermal circulation..Often copper is associated with gold, lead, zinc and nickel deposits..Uranium deposits are usually sourced from radioactive granites, where certain minerals such as monazite are leached during hydrothermal activity or during circulation of groundwater. The uranium is brought into solution by acidic conditions and is deposited when this acidity is neutralised..The majority of the world's nuclear power is sourced from uranium in such deposits..Citrobacter species can have concentrations of uranium in their bodies 300 times higher than in the surrounding environment...

Donner Metals..

Coppermine Peninsula is the 1.7 km long, 500 m wide and rising to 105 m rugged rocky promontory forming the northwest extremity of Alfatar Peninsula and Robert Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica and lying between English Strait to the west and Carlota Cove to the east..The feature is named in association with the adjacent Coppermine Cove, a descriptive name given by sealers in about 1821 from the copper-coloured staining of the lavas and tuffs in the area..Half Moon Island is a minor Antarctic island, lying 1.35 km (0.84 mi) north of Burgas Peninsula, Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands of the Antarctic Peninsula region. Its surface area is 171 hectares (420 acres)..The Argentine Cámara Base is located on the island..The ulu in the badge is a traditional Inuit knife that has existed for over 4000 years...

They provoked me so I taught them a lesson- Monique Liebert, 22, her sister Claudine Liebert, 20 and Claudine's fiance Daniel Berland, 20,THREE French tourists were all shot dead by .22 sized cartridges which were found at the scene - but the murder weapon was not recovered..Detectives had been looking for a fairground rifle and Morris 1000 car - since recovered in Lancashire - stolen from Rhyl, North Wales the night before the incident..The Coroner Confirmed... off: one-eight-oh. Two hundred: Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Two ten: U.S. Government Certified..2 twenty: lunar trajectory, junk of the month club, sirloin steak. Two thirty: Grade A poison. Absolute dynamite.. Eighty-nine percent pure junk. Best I've ever seen. If the rest is like this, you'll be dealing on this load for 2 years...

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