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Arrow Trollund Cult

The Stranglers - Hanging Around ..
The Tollund Man is a naturally mummified corpse of a man who lived during the 4th century BCE, during the period characterised in Scandinavia as the Pre-Roman Iron Age.. He was found in 1950 on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark, buried in a peat bog which preserved his body.. Such a find is known as a bog body..Ancient bog bodies have been found in England and Ireland as well..Upon initial examination, Glob suggested that the body was over 2,000 years old and most likely the victim of a ritual sacrifice..There have been several other prehistoric bog body finds in Denmark..From Jutland specifically, examples comprise the relatively well preserved Borremose bodies, dating from the Iron Age, and the Grauballe Man from the Germanic Iron Age, found in central Jutland and on display at Moesgård Museum near Aarhus.. Similar bog chemistry was at work in conserving the Haraldskær Woman, also discovered in Jutland as a mummified Iron Age specimen..The presence of this body, with many other bodies of humans and animals found in the surrounding bogs, has led many researchers to question the subject..

The well-preserved head of the Tollund Man..

The Tollund Man lay 50 metres (160 ft) away from firm ground, buried under approximately 2 metres (6.6 ft) of peat, his body arranged in a foetal position..He wore a pointed skin cap made of sheepskin and wool, fastened securely under his chin by a hide thong.. There was a smooth hide belt around his waist.. Additionally, the corpse had a noose made of plaited animal hide drawn tight around the neck and trailing down his back..Other than these, the body was naked.. His hair was cropped so short as to be almost entirely hidden by his cap.. There was short stubble (1 mm length) on his chin and upper lip, suggesting that he had not shaved on the day of his death..Scholars believe the man was a human sacrifice rather than executed criminal because of the arranged position of his body, and the fact that his eyes and mouth were closed...Underneath the body was a thin layer of moss.. Scientists know that this moss was formed in Danish peat bogs in the early Iron Age; therefore, the body was suspected to have been placed in the bog more than 2,000 years ago during that period..While some point to a sacrificial cult dedicated to the gods of fertility / fecundity (the Freyr / Freyja Viking couple), there is a research conducted in Ireland since 2003 on the same type of bodies that studies these dead traces of rituals royalty...

The scientists discovered that the man's last meal had been a kind of porridge made from vegetables and seeds, both cultivated and wild: barley, linseed, gold of pleasure (Camelina sativa) and knotgrass...On the initial autopsy report in 1950, doctors concluded that Tollund Man died by hanging rather than strangulation..The rope left visible furrows in the skin beneath his chin and at the sides of his neck.. There was no mark, however, at the back of the neck where the knot of the noose would have been located.. After a re-examination in 2002, forensic scientists found further evidence to support these initial findings.. Although the cervical vertebrae were undamaged (these vertebrae are often damaged as a result of hanging), radiography showed that the tongue was distended—an indication of death by hanging..Forensic analysis suggests a violent death, or perhaps a ritualistic sacrifice, due to the presence of noose marks and a puncture wound..The body is displayed at the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark, although only the head is original..

Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger (23 April 1867 – 30 January 1928) was a Danish scientist, physician, and professor of pathological anatomy who won the 1926 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine..While studying tuberculosis in lab rats, Fibiger found tumors in some of his rats.. He discovered that these tumors were associated with parasitic nematode worms that had been living in some cockroaches that the rats had eaten..Rather ironically, he died of colon cancer..Nematode species can be difficult to distinguish, and although over 25,000 have been described, of which more than half are parasitic, the total number of nematode species has been estimated to be about 1 million..They are found in every part of the earth's lithosphere.. One group of carnivorous fungi, the nematophagous fungi, are predators of soil nematodes..The dead were in the presence of objects that seem to be used on the occasion of the enthronement of a new king and the bodies were deposited in areas marking the border of the royal estate..Officers are carrying out a “detailed search” throughout the area of woodland in Anger, near King’s Lynn which is east , of Sandringham House, where members of the Royal Family had gathered..He added: "It is quite a bit of a shock, given the proximity to the grounds itself.. The area is really not that far from Sandringham House.."It is just a stone's throw from the Stud and the Royals' house..It is very close"... loss of a friend is like that of a limb; time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot Be repaired..I don't kill women and children..It is with words as with sunbeams, the more they are condensed, the deeper they burn..Look..He wouldn't Even talk to me unless I had a drink with him..So that's why we look after each other...

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