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Lightbulb Bee Careful with that Axe

VIKING exhibition - Jelling Stone...
The Jelling stones stand in the churchyard of Jelling church between 2 large mounds...After having been exposed to all kinds of weather for a thousand years cracks are beginning to show.. On the 15th of November 2008 experts from UNESCO examined the stones to determine their condition. Experts requested that the stones be moved to an indoor exhibition hall, or in some other way protected in situ, to prevent further damage from the weather....

The Thing (6/10) + Tainted Blood Sample...

Radiological examination of his bones showed "age-conditioned or strain-induced degeneration" in these areas, including osteochondrosis and slight spondylosis in the lumbar spine and wear-and-tear degeneration in the knee and especially in the ankle joints.. Ötzi apparently had whipworm (Trichuris trichiura), an intestinal parasite.. During CT scans, it was observed that 3 or four of his right ribs had been cracked when he had been lying face down after death, or where the ice had crushed his body.. One of his fingernails (of the two found) shows 3 Beau's lines indicating he was sick 3 times in the six months before he died.. The last incident, 2 months before he died, lasted about 2 weeks..

The 2011 had nice weather the first few days, but on Thursday-Friday there was massive rain..Veit ec at ec hecc vindga meiði a netr allar nío,geiri vndaþr oc gefinn Oðni, sialfr sialfom mer,a þeim meiþi, er mangi veit, hvers hann af rótom renn..Roskilde Festival faced a sad incident when a young woman fell from the Tuborg tower to her death..The opening of Orange Stage was done by Danish Veto, and was closed by Kings of Leon..The tickets were sold out..

Ötzi's clothes were sophisticated..Other items found with the Iceman were a copper axe with a yew handle, a flint-bladed knife with an ash handle and a quiver of 14 arrows with viburnum and dogwood shafts..In addition, among Ötzi's possessions were berries, two birch bark baskets, and two species of polypore mushrooms with leather strings through them.. One of these, the birch fungus, is known to have antibacterial properties, and was probably used for medicinal purposes.. The other was a type of tinder fungus, included with part of what appeared to be a complex firestarting kit.. The kit featured pieces of over a dozen different plants, in addition to flint and pyrite for creating sparks..In May 2012, scientists announced the discovery that Ötzi still had intact blood cells.. These are the oldest complete human blood cells ever identified.. In most bodies this old, the blood cells are either shrunken or mere remnants, but Ötzi's have the same dimensions as living red blood cells and resembled a modern-day sample..Ötzi's copper axe was of particular interest...'s got you wrapped around her little finger!..Emily, you do know what a menage-a-trois is?..I moist certainly do!.Oh..Well, the two women involved in this..Love triangle?..

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