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Joy Division - 08 - The Eternal...
Most Renaissance knot gardens were composed of square compartments.. A small garden might consist of one compartment, while large gardens might contain 6 or 8 compartments..Knot gardens were first established in England in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I..The right and left channels coil around the central channel at various places, thereby forming the so-called 'channel knots'...

The endless knot..

Has been described as "an ancient symbol representing the interweaving of the Spiritual path, the flowing of Time and Movement within That Which is Eternal..All existence, it says, is bound by time and change, yet ultimately rests serenely within the Divine and the Eternal...In mathematical knot theory, 74 is the name of a 7-crossing knot which can be visually depicted in a highly-symmetric form, and so appears in the symbolism and/or artistic ornamentation of various cultures..Examples of plait work (a woven, unbroken cord design) predate knotwork designs in several cultures around the world, but the broken and reconnected plait work that is characteristic of true knotwork began in northern Italy and southern Gaul and spread to Ireland by the 7th century..The Solomon's knot often occurs in ancient Roman mosaics, usually represented as two interlaced ovals... be the blade..Listen to them..What music they make!..Blessed be the scythe..Dionysos against the crucified..Clean your flesh and mock your fears..The brightest sun is the purest G...

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