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Origin - Ancient..
WDW + Part 6...

The offset water knot is formed by holding two rope ends next to each other and tying an overhand knot in them as if they were a single line.. Due to its common use in several fields, this bend has become known by many names..The Farrimond friction hitch is a quick release adjustable friction hitch for use on lines under tension.. It is useful when the length of a line will need to be periodically adjusted in order to maintain or adjust tension whilst remaining quick and easy to untie; such as when anging the ridge line for a Basha (tarpaulin).. It can be used in very effective conjunction with the Siberian hitch for this purpose..The first known presentation of this knot was made by Barry during a demonstration at the Yellow Wood Bush Camp, Wales..The Siberian hitch (or Evenk knot) is a hitch knot used to attach a rope to an object..It is a type of slipped figure-8 noose..It was also used by Ray Mears during his bushcraft TV series...

The offset water knot is a knot used to join two ropes together..Easily formed in most line, the offset water knot can be difficult or impossible to untie once tightened, if the knot's dressing has parts falling out of a neat, parallel ("twin") orientation..Long used by weavers to join the ends of yarn, the offset water knot is very old European Death Knot, abbreviated to EDK..It was one of the knots likely identified among the possessions of Ötzi the Iceman, who dates from 3300 BC.. Since a stuck rope on a descent also represents a serious hazard to climbers, these advantages, along with ease of tying, have led to its popularity...The knot is also tied in a slipped form by mechanical balers to bind straw and hay, but this bend is not practical to use as a binding knot when tied by hand..In rock climbing, the offset water knot is a favored knot for joining two ropes for a rappel longer than half the length of the ropes..The Offset Figure 8 Bend, a similar knot using the figure-8 knot, has been used in the belief that its greater size and complexity brings more security...

Ötzi's two meals (the last one consumed about 8 hours before his death), one of chamois meat, the other of red deer and herb bread.. Both were eaten with grain as well as roots and fruits.. The grain from both meals was a highly processed einkorn wheat bran, quite possibly eaten in the form of bread.. In the proximity of the body, and thus possibly originating from the Iceman's provisions, chaff and grains of einkorn and barley, and seeds of flax and poppy were discovered, as well as kernels of sloes (small plumlike fruits of the blackthorn tree) and various seeds of berries growing in the wild..Pollen in the first meal showed that it had been consumed in amid-altitude conifer forest, and other pollens indicated the presence of wheat and legumes, which may have been domesticated crops.. Pollen grains of hop-hornbeam were also discovered..By examining the proportions of Ötzi's tibia, femur and pelvis, Christopher Ruff has determined that Ötzi's lifestyle included long walks over hilly terrain..It shows Ötzi looking old for his 45 years, with deep-set brown eyes, a beard, a furrowed face, and sunken cheeks.. He is depicted looking tired and ungroomed indicating that Ötzi was a high-altitude shepherd... are dealing with forces beyond all human experience, and enormous phowa..Lucy is not a random victim, attacked by mere accident, you understand?..Mr. Morris, your bullets will not harm him...
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