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Lightbulb All the Fives crock Henrietta

Elisabeth Henriette..

Charlottenborg Palace...
Landgräfin Hedwig Sophie promoted Elisabeth Henriette's marriage with Frederick, Electoral Prince of Brandenburg, her cousin, on family grounds...In April 1678 Hedwig Sophie and Elisabeth Henriette travelled to Berlin, but Elisabeth Henriette had to wait a year in the Stadtschloss, Berlin for her marriage, whilst Frederick was away signing the Treaty of Nijmegen...Elisabeth Henriette died at 21 of smallpox after only 4 years of marriage and was buried in the Berliner Dom...

Queen Charlotte Amalie with one of her children..

Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel (27 April 1650 – 27 March 1714) was queen-consort of Denmark and Norway, being the wife of King Christian V.. She was well educated in French, Italian, geography, and philosophy.. Her mother was a strict reformer and politically oriented toward Brandenburg, which also affected her daughter's views..Charlotte Amalie was married on 25 June 1667 to Prince Christian and became Queen of Denmark on his accession in 1670. As well as other children, they had a son, later King Frederik IV, and a daughter Sophia Hedwig..raised in the Reformed faith.. In the marriage contract, she was not required to convert although this was disliked and met some resistance before it was accepted..A spy, Justine Cathrine Rosenkrantz, was in fact placed among her ladies-in-waitings..Charlotte Amalie gained great popularity from defending Copenhagen when King Charles XII of Sweden invaded Zealand in 1700..She died in Copenhagen and was buried in Roskilde Cathedral.. The town of Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands is named after her...

Justine Cathrine Rosenkrantz (1659–1746) was a Dano–Norwegian noblewoman, courtier and spy, described as unattractive but very skillful in the art of handling the plots of the royal court and an excellent informer and held a powerful position at court—it was also noted that she was rude and a torment to the queen..she poisoned the soup of her colleague Anna Emilie von Dalwig, who was her rival over her love interest Emanuel Friedrich von Kötzschau: Dalwig survived the poisoning, but Rosenkrantz was sentenced to death for attempted murder on 17 April 1699, which was commuted to exile in Rønne is the largest town on the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea..Rønne also became famous for its longcase clocks or Bornholmerure...

Landgrave (Dutch landgraaf, German Landgraf; Swedish lantgreve, French landgrave; Latin comes magnus, comes patriae, comes provinciae, comes terrae, comes principalis, lantgravius) was a title used in the Holy Roman Empire and later on by its former territories.. The German titles of Landgraf, Markgraf, and Pfalzgraf bei Rhein are in the same class of ranks as Herzog ("duke") and above the rank of a Graf ("count")... I'm thinking of this, yes I am..Colonel with gloves..He isn't loved on 'Sundays Mail' ..Did I wink of this, I am Yum, yummy, yum, don, yummy, yum, yomp, yomp, yompy yomp yum...

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