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Lightbulb FitzGerald dynasty

Maurice, progenitor of the Irish Geraldines...
The FitzGerald dynasty is a Hiberno-Norman or Cambro-Norman dynasty, and have been Peers of Ireland since at least the 14th century.. The dynasty has also been referred to as the Geraldines, from the conquest of large swathes of Irish territory by the sons and grandsons of Gerald FitzWalter of Windsor, the progenitor of the dynasty.. In his poetry, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, referred to Elizabeth FitzGerald (1527–89) as "Fair Geraldine"...

The main branches of the family are:

The FitzGeralds of Kildare (Earls of Kildare from 1316, later Marquesses of Kildare and from 1766 Dukes of Leinster and Premier Peers of Ireland).. Its current head is Maurice FitzGerald, 9th Duke of Leinster.

The FitzGeralds of Desmond (Barons Desmond, later Earls of Desmond)..

The progenitor of the Irish FitzGeralds was a Cambro-Norman Marcher Lord, Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Lanstephan; a younger son of the Norman chieftain Gerald FitzWalter of Windsor and his wife, Nest ferch Rhys of the Welsh royal House of Dinefwr.. The Lord of Lanstephan was a major participant in the 1169 Norman invasion of Ireland...

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald..

The coat of arms of the Fitzgeralds of Kildare..

The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Fitzgerald in the United States Navy is named for Lieutenant William Charles Fitzgerald, USN..Length: 505 ft (154 m)..The Fitzgerald family coat of arms (a white shield with a red saltire) provides the foundation for the coat of arms for the USS Fitzgerald..She was laid down by Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine 9 February 1993; launched 29 January 1994; and commissioned 14 October 1995 in Newport, R.I.. She was then homeported in Naval Station San Diego, CA..The trident, a traditional symbol of maritime prowess, represents both Lieutenant Fitzgerald's graduation from the United States Naval Academy and Fitzgerald's war fighting capabilities...

A variety of people, places, and businesses bear the name FitzGerald or Fitzgerald, including the FitzGerald crater on the far side of the Moon, named for physicist George FitzGerald..It lies to the west-southwest of the crater Cockcroft, and about two crater diameters to the northeast of Morse..Geraldine is the feminine form of the first name Gerald..Geraldine Littlejohn, a character in the movie Cyberbully... were ya?.. It's the first of the moon..During the first day of the first moon, Sitting Bull visits the sun in the mountains while his squaws move the teepees to the moon path...

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