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Royal Marines RAtion Demo...
The invasion of South Georgia (OperaciĆ³n Georgias), also known as the Battle of Grytviken, took place on 3 April 1982, when Argentine naval forces seized control of the east coast of South Georgia after overpowering a small group of Royal Marines at Grytviken..Eventually, the Argentine captain ordered the lowering of the flag, but failed to report to Grytviken.. The BAS commander sent a message to the Governor of the Falkland Islands, Rex Hunt (South Georgia being run as a dependency of the Falklands). After consulting London, Hunt was instructed to dispatch HMS Endurance to South Georgia with a detachment of 22 Royal Marines..Pattern-wise, one lands, then 2, making groups of 3's joined magnetically Is that possible?...

A Scottish whaler in workshop, Leith harbour, South Georgia, mid-40s...

In Spitsbergen, in the first half of the seventeenth century, the processing of whales was primarily done ashore..In 1912 Leith Harbour was the site of the second introduction of reindeer to South Georgia, an attempt that failed when the entire herd was killed by an avalanche in 1918..There is a gun emplacement on the hill behind the station, and another at Hansen Point with the original 4" gun still in position.. Leith Harbour boasted a hospital, a library, a cinema, and a narrow gauge railway.. The centre of Leith Harbour is occupied by the so-called Portuguese graveyard and there is a second, larger cemetery to the rear of the station..Since 2010 access to the station has been prohibited due to the dangers posed by asbestos and collapsing buildings..The crafting of the first Imperial egg is attributed to Erik's workshop..The two halves of the outer shell fit together in a bayonet-style fitting which opens when twisted to revel the surprise..You're chasin' somethin' about the size of a D8 cat with teeth... the mob grab the trucks ahead of me?. Did you see anything?..I don't know what you're talking about other trucks..These mobs have been fighting on every street corner...

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