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Arrow Tornado

Firing The Mauser Cannon..
The BK 27 (Bordkanone, "on-board cannon") is a 27 mm (1.063 in) caliber revolver cannon manufactured by Mauser (now part of Rheinmetall) of Germany..Developed in the late 1960s for the Multi Role Combat Aircraft program that ultimately became the Panavia Tornado..Rheinmetall has also developed remote controlled naval versions, the MN 27 GS and the MLG 27 fully automatic naval guns, which are installed on many ships of the German Navy...The BK27 has a much lower nominal fire rate than the M61 Vulcan, but its fire rate is constant throughout shooting due to the fact the cannon need not spin up.. As a result, in conjunction with the higher caliber, the Mauser BK 27 fires in the first second 4 kg of projectiles in contrast to the 2 kg of the M61 Vulcan which also needs about 25kW electrical energy on the maximum fire rate... was logical to cultivate multiple options..You are hereby accepted to the Vulcan Science Academy...Are you making a logical choice.. I urge you to remain in Starfleet..I have already located a suitable planet on which to establish a Vulcan Colony..I'll be monitoring your frequency..So what kind of combat training do you have?..

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