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Arrow Op Saturn

Lilian Adelaide Neilson..
Operation Saturn, revised as Operation Little Saturn, was a Red Army operation on the Eastern Front of World War II that led to battles in the northern Caucasus and Donets Basin regions of the Soviet Union from December 1942 to February 1943..UK area code 01943 is for Guiseley in West Yorkshire, and the surrounding area...

Gustav Holst - Saturn ..

On 17 May 1942, German Army Groups A and B launched a counteroffensive against advancing Soviet armies around the city of Kharkov, resulting in the Second Battle of Kharkov; this would ultimately be expanded on 28 June into Case Blue, which aimed the capture of the Caucasus oil fields.. By 6 July, General Hermann Hoth's Fourth Panzer Army had taken the city of Voronezh, threatening to collapse the Red Army's resistance.. By early August, General Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist's First Panzer Army had reached the oil center of Maykop, 500 kilometres (310 mi) south of the city of Rostov, which had been taken by the Fourth Panzer Army on 23 July..UK area code 01942 is for Wigan in Greater Manchester, and the surrounding area...

The first stage — an attempt to cut off the German Army Group A in the Caucasus — had to be rapidly revised when General Erich von Manstein launched Operation Winter Storm on 12 December in an attempt to relieve the trapped armies at Stalingrad.. While General Rodion Malinovsky's Soviet 2nd Guards Army blocked the German advance on Stalingrad, the modified plan Operation Little Saturn was launched on 16 December...

The Clash - Magnificent Se7en..

The second stage of operations opened on 13 January 1943 with an attack by four armies of General Golikov's Voronezh Front that encircled and destroyed the Hungarian Second Army near Svoboda on the Don. As a consequence the Hungarian Second Army, as most other Axis armies in the Army Group B, ceased to represent a meaningful fighting force (indeed the German Sixth Army, encircled in Stalingrad, was destroyed on February 2, 1943)..

Guiseley's name is of Saxon origin..The settlement predates the Domesday Book, in which it is listed as "Gisele".. Much of the Aire valley was once wooded, and "ley" means a clearing in the woodland..Guiseley's church dedicated to St Oswald was the centre of a large parish that included many surrounding villages.. It was used by generations of the Longfellow family..Harry Corbett, significant for his children's TV glove puppet character Sooty stage act, lived with his parents, who owned a fish and chip shop on Springfield Road.. Elizabeth Ann Brown, was an English stage actress..Neilson was the daughter of a strolling actress, named Brown, and was born, out of wedlock, at 35 St Peters Square Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire..Neilson was on the stage for about 15 years.. She died suddenly whilst riding in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris, France on 15 August 1880, aged 32..The cemetery was one of se7en large, modern cemeteries founded by private companies in the mid-19th century (sometimes called the 'Magnificent Seven') forming a ring around the edge of London..The cemetery has a reputation for being a popular cruising ground for gay men (see "The Chop Suey Club").. manner in which people might understand such new possibilities is also process of evolution..We're ashamed to live here..Our fathers are cowards.. Don't you ever say that again about your fathers, because they are not cowards..My mind has taken me down many roads of late...

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