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Arrow Skill the Old way

H is for Hawk...

Movie Clip ..
A retired East End gangster Ritchie Archer returns to London from Spain to investigate the murder of his brother, Charlie, by a violent street gang..Release dates 12 December 2014...

Who loves you, eh?.That's right, Mummy loves you !..

December 1- Battle of the 5 Armies" premieres in London -Former PM Gordon announces he is to stand down as an MP at the next general election after 32 years-Suffolk doctor Myles Bradbury pleads guilty to abusing 18 young cancer patients in his care at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge sentenced to 22 years/2-Hawking claims that Artificial Intelligence could be a "threat to mankind" and spell the end of the human race - Darth Josie Cichockyj, 50, wheelchair basketball player- Vanuatu police arrest at least 20 people over the deaths by hanging of 2 men accused of sorcery\3-Darth Jacques Barrot, French politician (b. 1937) - Ian McLagan, British musician (b. 1945)-As part of the Autumn Stone Statement/4 - Nick Talbot, 37, singer-songwriter (Gravenhurst)-Jeremy Thorpe, 85, politician-UN warns that the world is on course for the warmest year since records began\5 – Darth Queen Fabiola of Belgium (b. 1928)-Scotland reduces its drink-drive limit from 80 mg to 50 mg/7-Darth Tommy Todd, 88, footballer-Syrian military accuse Israel of carrying out 2 air strikes on Syria - Typhoon Hagupit hits central Philippines- Mayor of Paris calls for diesel cars to be banned from the Capital 2020-Archbishop of Canterbury claims that he is shocked by the plight of Britain's hunger-stricken poor\10 - Berth Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès-Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco-A "weather bomb" hits the north of the UK, causing winds of up to 144 mph/11- Darth Tom Adams, 76, actor (The Great Escape, Licensed to Kill, Doctor Who)-Tim Black, 77, family planning pioneer, founder of Marie Stopes International-Philip Knights, Baron Knights, 94, police officer and peer, Chief Constable-Brennan defends interrogation methods used after 9/11- World's 1st penis transplant procedure \13- Two US soldiers killed in a Taliban bombing of a NATO convoy in Kabul-Government announces it will send hundreds of troops to Iraq, to train Iraqi and Kurdish forces in the conflict with IS/14- Darth Bobo Faulkner, 73, English model & TV personality\15-Michael Hare Duke, 89, Anglican bishop-Ray Steadman-Allen, 92, composer and Salvation Army officer/16-Martin Brasier, 67, palaeobiologist and astrobiologist\17 – U.S. President Obama announces the resumption of normal relations between the U.S. and Cuba-Darth Neil James, 53, rugby league player/18 – Darth Berth Virna Lisi, Italian actress (b. 1936)- Mandy Rice-Davies, 70, model, figure in the Profumo affair\19-An off-duty police officer dies in hospital after he was attacked during a night out in Liverpool/21 - Darth Sonya Butt, 90, Special Operations Executive agent-Roberta Leigh, 87, author and TV producer (Space Patrol)\22-Cocker, English singer (b. 1944)-Joseph Sargent, American film director (b. 1925)-6 people are killed after a refuse lorry crashes into a group of people in Glasgow's George Square/25- Darth Bernard Kay, 86, actor (Doctor Who, Doctor Zhivago)\27-Carol Stone, 60, transgender priest/28 – Darth Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore crashes into the Java Sea just southwest of Borneo, killing all 162 people on board..The search for bodies ended in March 2015 after recovery of 113 of the 162 bodies..It was also AirAsia Group's first fatal accident in the 18-year history of the company/29-Scottish government confirms a case of Ebola being treated in a Glasgow hospital\31- Darth Arthur Valerian Wellesley, 8th Duke of Wellington (b. 1915)-Dunn, 91, footballer (Wolverhampton Wanderers, Derby County)- Kennedy, 88, biographer, journalist and music critic- 36 die and 47 are wounded during a stampede of New Year revellers on Shanghai's Bund riverfront.... used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. Now we just look down, and worry about our place in the dirt..This alpha predator of yours, doctor, do you really think he has a chance?..
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