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Advertisement stage magician...
He is still famous for his work with playing cards.. According to legend, a Mexican magician appeared at a magic shop owned by Otto Maurer in New York City.. The enigmatic magician demonstrated how he could make cards disappear, one by one, at his fingertips..Maurer showed Thurston the move, which he would later feature in his act.. He added the "Rising Cards" trick from Professor Hoffman’s Modern Magic, the book from which Thurston had learned the rudiments of magick..

'The Evil Dead' Card Scene ..

He died on April 13 at his Oceanside apartment in Miami Beach, Florida.. He is entombed at Green Lawn Abbey, a mausoleum in Columbus, Ohio..Among his fellow students were Lee DeForest..Songling records a version in Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (1740) which he claims to have witnessed personally..There had long been scepticism regarding the trick.. In 1934 the Occult Committee of The Magic Circle, convinced the trick did not exist, offered 500 guineas to anyone who could perform it... James Bonds at Casino Royale.. They came to save the world and win a gal at Casino Royale..6 of them went to a heavenly spot.. The se7enth one is going to a place where it's terribly hot...

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