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Arrow The Third

Reich 'n Roll-The Residents...

American Nazi Party Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, flanked by 2 members of the party, listening to Malcolm X’s speech at Black Muslims Meeting held at the Uline Arena..Later when the audience was asked for donations, Rockwell contributed $20...

American Nazi Party attend a Nation of Islam summit in 1961...

They were encircled by black journalists, who wanted to know Rockwell’s thoughts.. He told reporters he considered the Muslims “black Nazis.” “I am fully in concert with their program and I have the highest respect for Mr. Elijah Muhammad.” Rockwell pointed out his only disagreement with the Muslims was over territory.. ‘‘They want a chunk of America and I prefer that they go to Africa”... again, what is your name?.What colour were they.?.Well, I don't think we know that for certain..But they were Hebrews, were they not?..That's right..As was Jesus.. Beware of them cameras..Jesus was also a Hebrew..Why don't you just ask your question..I'm afraid I cannot answer that question...

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