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Lightbulb Sum of 27

Rijksweg 27..
The A27 motorway is a motorway in the Netherlands.. It is approximately 109 kilometers in length..The A27 is located in the Dutch provinces North Brabant, South Holland, Utrecht, North Holland, and Flevoland.. It connects the city of Breda with the Almere..

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On its way, it passes the cities of Gorinchem, Utrecht and Hilversum...No major European routes follow the A27 motorway.. The only one to follow it, is the E311 road between interchange Sint-Annabosch near Breda and interchange Lunetten near Utrecht.. This section of the A27 immediately comprises the entire E311 road, since it does not follow any other roads... you prepared to pay the price?.Should anything go wrong, cyanide..What flavour?. Orange or lemon?..Most amusing..Oh, I am, am I?..Keep going partner, 'cause my top end is unlimited!..
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