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Arrow Dam Nation Al Ley ley ley

Quark, Strange..
Robert Calvert starts to dominate proceedings with his science fiction inspired lyrics, whereas the music is lighter and more commercial than with their previous offerings..Released 17 June 1977..

Ness and Charm..

June 1– - British Virgin Islands adopts constitution/4- Violence during Puerto Rican Day in Chicago kills 2\5 -A bloodless coup installs France-Albert RenĂ© as President of the Seychelles- Joanne Carner wins LPGA Talk '77 Golf Tournament/6–9 Jubilee celebrations are held in the UK to celebrate 25 years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, with a public holiday on 7 – After campaigning by Anita Bryant and her anti-gay "Save Our Children" crusade, Miami-Dade County, Florida voters overwhelmingly vote to repeal the county's "gay rights" ordinance\10- Apple Computer ships its first Apple II computers/11- ELO releases "Telephone Line"- "I Need A Man" by Grace Jones peaks at #83\12–Supremes perform their final concert together at Drury Lane in London- 23rd LPGA Championship won by Chako Higuchi- "Pippin" closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 1944 perfs/15- Spain's 1st free elections since 1936 (41 years)\16- "Beatlemania" opens on Broadway– Oracle Corporation is incorporated in Redwood Shores, California - Leonid Brezhnev named Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union - Fianna Fail-party wins Irish elections/17 – Wimbledon F.C., championselected to the Football League in place of Workington in the 4th Division\18- Rotten & Cook, beaten & robbed by London pub - Space Shuttle test model "Enterprise" carries a crew aloft for 1st time/19- Judy Rankin wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic\20-Anglia TV broadcasts the fake documentary "Alternative 3". It enters into the conspiracy theory canon-Se7enteen people are arrested during clashes between pickets and police at the Grunwick film processing laboratory-U.S. Supreme Court rules that the states are not required to spend Medicaid funds on elective abortions/22- Walt Disney's "Rescuers" released\23 - Violence erupts in Soweto- 13th Mayor's Trophy Game/25-Rugby World Cup culminates in Australia's 13 – 12 victory Sydney Cricket Ground-Roy Sullivan is struck by lightning for the se7enth time\26– 16-year-old shop assistant Jayne McDonald is found battered and stabbed to death in Chapeltown, Leeds; police believe she is the 5th person to be murdered by the Yorkshire Ripper-Elvis holds his last concert at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis-200,000 protesters march through the streets of SF, protesting Anita Bryant's anti-gay remarks and the murder of Robert Hillsborough- 42 die in fire inmate causes at Maury County Jail in Columbia Tenn/27 – Djibouti receives its independence from France\28- Hunter becomes Rangers' 4th manager in 6 days/30-Southeast Asia Treaty Organization is permanently disbanded-U.S. President JC announces the cancellation of the B-1 Bomber program (it is later revived by the Reagan Administration)-Women Marines are disbanded, and the women are integrated into regular Marine Corps- Marvel Comics publish "Kiss book"-Look at him, he's not in uniform, he's in costume- US Railway Post Office final train run (NY to Wash DC)- Yankee DH Cliff Johnson hit 3 consecutive HRs in Toronto..,...ness_and_Charm the wings have brushed you, you're mine forever!. What do you think of His Majesty's plan?..It's's brilliant..and it's dangerous..I've flown this route before...

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