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Greenhouse George..

Ringstone Round ley ley ley..
Granada Studios were TV studios on Quay Street in Manchester with the facility to broadcast live and film drama programmes and were the HQ of Granada TV (then Granada Media Group and later ITV Granada) between 1956 and 2013.. The studios were the oldest operating purpose-built TVstudios in the UK and were arguably the most famous studio after the BBC TV Centre..There are 3 main studios, which each cover over 4,500 square feet (420 m2)..Inaugurated 3 May 1956 (first broadcast)..You are strange to the pits.. Your back is unscarred...

The Second Coming - Part 4/16 ..

May 1 - A doctor in Japan reports an"epidemic of an unknown disease of the central nervous system", marking the official discovery of Minamata disease/ 2 – The United Methodist Church in America decides at its General Conference to grant women full ordained clergy status- US Lab detects high-temperature microwave radiation from Venus\3 - A new range of mountains discovered in Antarctica (2 over 13,000')/4- Queen Juliana unveils National Monument to Dams in Amsterdam - US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak\5 – Manchester City win the FA Cup with a 3-1 win over Birmingham City at Wembley Stadium after one final night out before starting his duties, decides to indicate he is really the son of G to humanity by turning night into day over the small area of the football stadium at Maine Road/7 – Minister of Health Robin Turton, rejects a call for the Government to lead an anti-smoking campaign\ 8-Austria and Israel form diplomatic relations-The constitutional union between Indonesia and the Netherlands is dissolved-John Osborne's Look Back in Anger opens at the Royal Court Theatre, London/9 – Manaslu, 8th highest mountain in the world, is first ascended– Gower Peninsula of Wales becomes the first area in the British Isles to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - War Reparations and Peace Settlement between Philippines and Japan was finally signed at Malacañang Palace\11- Elvis Presley's 1st entry on UK charts with Heartbreak Hotel/16- Great Britain performs nuclear Test at Monte Bello Is Australia- Kraft Theater presents an act from "Profiles in Courage"- Laker takes 10-88 for Surrey v Australians at the Oval - Egypt recognizes People's Republic of China\ 18 – Lhotse (main), the 4th highest mountain, is first ascended - Queen Juliana opens Rembrandt fairs in Amsterdam/20- Atomic fusion (thermonuclear) bomb dropped from plane-Bikini Atoll\23 - World Trade Center dedicated in Ferry Building, SF– French minister Pierre Mendès resigns due to his government's policy on Algeria/ 24- Conclusion of the Sixth Buddhist Council on Vesak Day, marking the 2,500 year anniversary after the Lord Buddha's Parinibbāna – The first Eurovision Song Contest is broadcast from Lugano, Switzerland. The winning song is the host country's Refrain by Lys Assia \25 – India announces the institution of diplomatic relations with Spain - 55th French Championship - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Haurietis aquas/26- A fire on board the aircraft carrier USS Bennington in Narragansett Bay, off Rhode Island, kills 103 crew\27 - French raid in Algiers - US performs nuclear test at Enwetak (atmospheric tests)/\Gower has many caves, including Paviland Cave and Minchin Hole Cave..A number of target buildings, including bunkers, houses and factories were built on Mujinkarikku Islet to test nuclear weapon effects..That is Baka, the master builder...

Broadcasting Tower and the Red Granada TV logo...

In 2002, the studio's reception area was moved from the eastern end of the tower block off Atherton Street, to the western end inside the compound so visitors passed through a secure area before accessing the non-public reception..Asbestos was found at the studios in October 2002, but not removed until spring 2006 costing of thousands of pounds.. The renovation meant programmes such as Mastermind and An Audience with Coronation Street were moved to The Leeds Studios and The London Studios respectively..In 2006, the 21 acre studio facility employed approximately 1,200 people..Despite its iconic status, Granada House has been described as a "1960s nightmare" by staff..Closed & Demolished June 2013..Satan takes possession of a man named Johnny Tyler that Judy met through a dating agency... same battle continues throughout the world today..To fill in those missing years, we turn to ancient historians..There will be an intermission.. Thank you, for your attention..Well, there's one thing you got to say for cattle..boy, you put your brand on one of them, you're gonna know where it's at!..

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