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Arrow Golden Feast

The area code in red is area code 408 ...
The golden telephone is an icon representing power or communication with a higher power..In 1930, the newly created Vatican City was connected to the international telephone network via the International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), which had recently installed a new telephone exchange..For that occasion, the Catholic church in the US presented a golden telephone to Pope Pius XI-The golden phone was utilized until the end of Pope John XXIII's pontificate in 1963..During an award ceremony with US Ambassador Gardner, a ceremonial golden telephone was presented to the Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista, in 1957..

The Switchboard Operator - Bell Telephone 1960s..

"I LIKE KILLING PEOPLE BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN IT IS MORE FUN THAN KILLING WILD GAME IN THE FORREST BECAUSE MAN IS THE MOST DANGEROUE ANAMAL OF ALL TO KILL SOMETHING GIVES ME THE MOST THRILLING EXPERENCE IT IS EVEN BETTER THAN GETTING YOUR ROCKS OFF WITH A GIRL THE BEST PART OF IT IS THAE WHEN I DIE I WILL BE REBORN IN PARADICE AND THEI HAVE KILLED WILL BECOME MY SLAVES I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY NAME BECAUSE YOU WILL TRY TO SLOI DOWN OR ATOP MY COLLECTIOG OF SLAVES FOR MY AFTERLIFE EBEORIETEMETHHPITI"— The solution to Zodiac's 408-symbol cipher.. Graysmith stated in 1976 that the meaning, if any, of the final 18 letters has not been determined...On August 8, 1969, Donald and Bettye Harden of Salinas, California, cracked the 408-symbol cryptogram.. It contained a misspelled message in which the killer said he was collecting slaves for the afterlife.. No name appears in the decoded text, and the killer said that he would not give away his identity because it would slow down or stop his slave.. collection..

Japanese National Route Sign 408..

408 BC - King Darius II of Persia decides to continue the war against Athens and give support to the Spartans.. His wife, Parysatis, persuades him to appoint his younger son, Cyrus, as satrap (governor) of Lydia, Phrygia, and Cappadocia and commander in chief of the Achaemenian forces in Asia Minor in place of Tissaphernes+Alcibiades enters Athens in triumph after an absence of 7 years-408 = 23 × 3 × 17 + Euripides' plays Orestes and The Phoenician Women are performed.. Euripides then leaves Athens in dissatisfaction and travels to the court of Archelaus I of Macedon at the King's invitation+ Birth Eudoxus of Cnidus, Greek astronomer, mathematician, physician, scholar and adherent of Pythagoras (d. c. 355 BC)..A short connection to State Road 417, originally part of the main line of SR 408, is now a spur of SR 408, and is sometimes labeled State Road 4080..The Peugeot 408 is a compact car produced by Peugeot...The Moskvitch-408 (also referred to as the Moskvich-408, and M-408) series is a small family car produced by the Soviet car manufacturer MZMA/AZLK between 1964 and 1976...

Year 408 (CDVIII) was a leap year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar-Burmese calendar −230-Korean calendar 2741-Area code for the Silicon Valley-National Route 408 is a national highway of Japan connecting Narita, Chiba and Takanezawa, Tochigi in Japan, with a total length of 116.9 km (72.64 mi)..On March 27, 2006, the towns of Shimofusa and Taiei (both from Katori District) were merged into Narita..Sister cities-Xianyang, Shaanxi, China, since September 14, 1988/San Bruno, California, USA,since October 6, 1990/Næstved, Denmark, since March 14, 2003To pass this level, you must collect 111 yellow candies and score at least 10,000 points in 55 moves or fewer-Flavius Stilicho (occasionally written as Stilico) (c. 359 – Ravenna, 22 August 408) was a high-ranking general (magister militum) in the Roman army who became, for a time, the most powerful man in the Western Roman Empire..Stilicho ( Στιλίχωνας in Greek) was the son of a Roman soldier of Vandal birth and a provincial Roman woman..

408-Alaric I exacts a tribute from Rome that includes 3,000 pounds of pepper.. The spice is valued for alleged medicinal virtues and for disguising spoilage in meat that is past its prime...Venerius (Italian: Venerio) was Archbishop of Milan from 400 (or 401) to 408.. He is honoured as a Saint in the Catholic Church and his feast day is May 4-Arcadius (Latin: Flavius Arcadius Augustus; Greek: Ἀρκάδιος; 377/378 – 1 May 408) was Byzantine Emperor from 395 to 408.. A weak ruler, his reign was dominated by a series of powerful ministers and by his wife, Aelia Eudoxia-August 22 – Stilicho is accused of treason against Honorius and is decapitated at Ravenna.. His Hun bodyguard is killed, mass murders of Vandal soldiers followed-The 408 (French: les quatre-cents huit) is a sector of Besançon.. Like Planoise and Clairs-Soleils, The 408 has a notoriety for crime.. It is sometimes viewed as a sub-sector of Grette..The name "Grette" takes its name from the French verb "gratter", meaning to scrape at the Earth and remove the rocks in order to cultivate the land.."What a difference", he said, sighing, "if I could come into this fine city as a sub-lieutenant of one of these regiments of the post.".. Besançon is not only one of the prettiest cities in France, but it abounds in brave and intelligent men.. Julien, however, was only a little peasant, without any means of approaching distinguished personages... the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes..Then rang the bells both loud and deep..That's no way to save your friend, Jim, stop it!. They like that, God, they like tears!. Jump about, hoot and holler!..Some folks draw lightning to them as a cat sucks in a baby's breath..Well, I wouldn't count on your mother's answer right now...

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