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Nile band...
A translation of 'Al-Qaeda' (not the only one) is ‘The Base,’.. It also translates to ‘The Toilet.’ The Arabic word ‘Qa’ada’ means ‘to sit’ (on the toilet bowl).. Arab homes have 3 kinds of toilets: ‘Hamam Franji’ or ‘Al-Qaeda’ or foreign toilet, ‘Hamam Arabi’ or Arab toilet, and a potty used for children called ‘Ma Qa’adia’ or ‘Little Qaeda..’ ‘Ana raicha Al Qaeda’ is a colloquial expression for ‘I’m going to the toilette’...


Why would a terrorist group appear to revel in the name ‘The Toilet’?..

Toilet Translation Yiddish = ???????

Toilet Translation Latin = CULTUS....

The word latrine can refer to a toilet or a simpler facility which is used as a toilet within a sanitation system.. It can be a communal trench in the earth in a camp, a hole in the ground (pit), or more advanced designs, including pour-flush systems.. Latrines are nowadays still common for use in emergency situations as well as in army camps..The term is derived from the Latin lavatrina, meaning bath.. It is nowadays still commonly used in the term "pit latrine"..Bandelin is a municipality in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, consisting of the villages Kuntzow, Schmoldow, Vargatz, and Bandelin..Saint Blandina (French: Blandine, died 177 AD) was a Christian martyr during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius..She was bound to a stake and wild beasts were set on her.. According to legend, they did not, however, touch her.. After enduring this for a number of days she was led into the arena to see the sufferings of her companions.. Finally, as the last of the martyrs, she was scourged, placed on a red-hot grate, enclosed in a net and thrown before a wild steer who tossed her into the air with his horns, and at last killed with a dagger..While it would seem that Emperor Marcus Aurelius personally had nothing to do with the Lyon affair, he was criticized for not intervening...
https://theupliftingcrane.wordpress....ion-is-toilet/ this works, you get to be Postmaster General..Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made by a band that dyed in a plane crash..This is Halo-2.. They've lost countermeasures..I'm going in...

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