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Lightbulb Mescalero Apache

Apache crown dance..
Native Americans call America "Turtle Island" after their reptilian ancestors.. The name of the founder of both the Inca Empires in South America was Manco or Manko Kapac (Kapac means serpent wisdom or spiritually wealthy). Some of the former Lemurian and Atlantean peoples who settled in the Andes migrated northwards to become some of the Native American tribes of what we now call the United States..The Mescalero Apaches of Arizona claim to descend, via Peru, from a continent that sank in the Atlantic.. This was documented by Lucille Taylor Hansen in her book, The Ancient Atlantic (Amherst Press, Amherst, Wisconsin, 1969)..Asa Delugio, the Mescalero Apache Chief, told her that the ancestors of the Apaches were "serpents" from their sunken homeland in the Atlantic, which he called Pan and the Old Red Land.. After being forced by conflict to leave Peru they traveled north where they fought with local tribes-people in North America.. Their men were killed and the women went on to breed with the victors to form the bloodlines that became the Mescalero Apaches.. Hansen identified significant connections between the Apaches and the peoples of North Africa who also claimed descent from Atlantis..The Mescalero Apache Crown Dance is performed with serpents painted all over the bodies of the participants.. The chief wears a 13 pointed crown of the Atlantean fire god, Votan, and other key performers wear the trident headdress..

Originally established on May 27, 1873, by Executive Order of President Ulysses S. Grant, the reservation was first located near Fort Stanton..The present reservation was established in 1883 ...In his account, Bishop Núñez de Vega also states that Votan belonged to the royal lineage of "Cham" (probably "chan" or snake) and that he established a kingdom called "Na Chan" (Snake House) on the Usumacinta River that eventually extended across Chiapas and Soconusco to the Pacific Coast...

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