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Arrow Italian Job

Wrecking the Aston Martin ..
Charlie Croker, a Cockney gangster, is released from prison with the intent of doing a "big job" in Italy.. He soon meets with the widow of his friend and fellow thief Roger Beckermann, who was killed driving a Lamborghini Miura in a car crash in the Italian Alps.. The car crash was arranged by the Mafia..Released 6 June (UK) Ireland 25 July 1969..

Armstrong Ascends the ladder..

Her keel was laid down at the Bethlehem Steel Company shipyard in Staten Island, New York.. She was launched on 3 October 1944 sponsored by Mrs. Frank E. Evans, widow of General Evans, and commissioned on 3 February 1945, with Commander Harry Smith in command..According to the US Navy Awards file, Frank E. Evans served in the waters off Vietnam for 12 days from July to September 1965.. Evans was again in the vicinity of Vietnam for 61 days from August to November 1966..Evans returned to Vietnam and served there for 66 days from October 1967 to 20 February 1968.. During the Tet Offensive, on 3 February 1968, Frank E. Evans provided naval gunfire support to the 101st Airborne Division near Phan Thiết against the 840th VC Battalion.. Evans also spent an additional 14 days in 1969 in the Vietnam war zone..At the time of the collision the commanding officer of Frank E. Evans was asleep in his quarters having left instructions to be awakened if there were to be any changes in the formation. Neither the officer of the deck nor the junior officer of the deck notified him when the station change was ordered.. The bridge crew also did not contact the combat information center to request clarification of the positions and movements of the surrounding ships..Evans received 1 battle star for World War II service, and 5 for Korean war service..

USS Frank E. Evans post collision..

July 16 – Apollo 11 (Neil Neil orange peel, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins) lifts off toward the first landing on the Moon/17 – The last air-to-air combat between piston-engined fighters takes place, when Honduran Air Force Colonel Fernando Soto, flying an F4U-5 Corsair fighter, shoots down 3 Salvadoran Air Force fighters – two FG-1 Corsairs and an F-51 Mustang – during the Football War (or "Soccer War") between El Salvador and Honduras\18 – Chappaquiddick incident – Edward M. Kennedy drives off a bridge on his way home from a party on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts.. Mary Jo Kopechne, a former campaign aide to his brother, dies in the early morning hours of July 19 in the submerged car/20 – Apollo program: The lunar module Eagle lands on the lunar surface.. An estimated 500 million people worldwide watch in awe as Neil Armstrong takes his historic first steps on the Moon at 10:56 pm ET (02:56 am UTC July 21), the largest TV audience for a live broadcast at that time- Carol Mann wins LPGA Danbury Lady Carling Golf Open\22 – Spanish dictator and head of state Francisco Franco appoints Prince Juan Carlos his successor- USSR launches Sputnik 50 & Molniya 1-12 communications satellite- Aretha Franklin arrested for disturbing the peace in Detroit/23– BBC Two television first aired the Pot Black snooker tournament- USSR performs nuclear Test– An express passenger train is derailed at Sandy, Bedfordshire due to heat-buckled track\24- Apollo 11 astronauts return from the first successful Moon landing, and are placed in biological isolation for several days, on the chance they may have brought back lunar germs.. The airless lunar environment is later determined to preclude microscopic life- The Soviet Union returns Gerald Brooke to the UK in exchange for spies Peter and Helen Kroger (Morris & Lona Cohen)... godless jaspers!. Who are ya? Freemasons?. Rosicrucians?. Heathen emissaries from the depths of Babylon?. Boozers!. Gluttons!. Gamblers!. Fornicators!. It can work for the lord as well as the devil!..

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