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Arrow Battle Bourne Studios

The campaign car of Joseph McGuinness..
Is the 4th single by American singer-songwriter Brandon Flowers from his second studio album, The Desired Effect features a vocal recording of Neil Tennant taken via a cell phone answering machine..Released May 5, 2015...

Brandon Flowers - I Can Change...

May 1–October 31 – Expo 2015 is held in Milan, Italy\2– Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a daughter at St Mary's Hospital in London. The princess is 4th in line to the throne after her grandfather, father and elder brother.. She is subsequently named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - Alright, give your mother a kiss, or I'll kick your teeth in - It's perfectly all right William-Celtic wins the 2014–15 Scottish Premiership- 141st Kentucky Derby: American Pharoah ridden by Victor Espinoza wins-So who's in this Pentavirate?.The government works for a private bank, and the private bank works for its owners, the true masters/5- Scientists announce the discovery of the oldest & most distant galaxy known to man, EGS-zs8-1- Archaeornithura meemannae, the oldest known prehistoric bird, is discovered\7-The 2015 general election takes place, resulting in the Conservative Party winning an outright majority with 331 seats, and securing David Cameron a second term in office - Tony? I don't want to intrude, but you seem a little down-You know, Scotland has its own martial arts..Yeah-It's like Campbell's Cup-O'-ccino!- Archaeologists partially discover a silver ingot of Captain William Kidd's treasure/8-Commemorations are held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of VE Day, the end of World War II on the continent-Usually I follow the Judao-Christian ethic of "Thou shalt not kill". But, that's just me\11–12 – Version O of Les Femmes d'Alger by Pablo Picasso sells for US$179.3 million at Christie's auction in New York, while the sculpture L'Homme au doigt by Alberto Giacometti sells for US$141.3 million, setting a new world record for a painting and for a sculpture, respectively-What would you say to silver-dollar pancakes, fresh-squeezed orange juice, bacon, and Kona coffee? - India's poulation officially reaches 1 billion - Astha Arora named India's billionth baby-Geez, is this dangerous?/12 – A second major EQ in Nepal, measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, results in more than 200 deaths in Nepal, India, China and Bangladesh\13– Figures show that unemployment fell to 1.83 million in the first quarter/15-The Rail, Maritime and Transport workers union (RMT) announce that Network Rail workers will stage a 24-hour strike from 5.00pm on 25 May\17- A mudslide hits the alpine town of Salgar in Western Colombia killing over 50 people/19-Charles, Prince of Wales begins his official 4-day tour of Ireland with a controversial meeting with Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams-Look at what I've bought myself, a Juice Tiger-I'm not kidding, that boy's head is like Sputnik\20 - Journal Nature publishes findings of the oldest man-made tools from Kenya’s Turkana basin - 3.3 million years, the 1st found to pre-date the Homo genus-I care for "Apple Jacks" a great deal- 5 major world banks fined US$5.7bn for manipulating currency markets-Look I don't wanna get too personal or anything but you've done this before, right?.."Last Late Show with David Letterman" after 33 years/21– Cashless payments now exceed the use of notes and coins-Why did we give a monopoly, of creating money out of thin air, to a private corporation?\ 22 – An EQ of magnitude 4.2 is felt across East Kent-It's a shame I'm going to have to destroy you/ 23 – Republic of Ireland votes to legalize same-sex marriage, becoming the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote-Excuse me sir, I'm with the San Francisco police department-Moved to Dallas, disappeared 4 months ago, body was found in a sewer-Måns Zelmerlöw of Sweden wins singing "Heroes" in Vienna\29- Heat wave in India centered in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh states is reported to have killed 1800 people in a week/30-In football, Arsenal win the FA Cup Final defeating Aston Villa 4 - 0 at Wembley..In fact, I think most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare..Harriet. Harry-ette.. Hard-hearted harbinger of haggis.. Beautiful, bemuse-ed, bellicose butcher\31- Harriette Thompson aged 92 and 65 days becomes the oldest woman to complete a Mara-thon-Tony, have you heard of this?. Mrs. X?. She murders her husbands on their honeymoons, then changes her identity and marries again ... must also know that I shall be with you every day that is granted to me from now on.. Every evening I shall sit down to dine with you..It's got a Martha Stewart had a breakdown feel..You mean, keep Valentine on as managing director?..Yah, mon, I was Director of Cultural Activities...

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