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Lightbulb Parading in a Wake

The episode is remembered by many as one of the most shocking fatal incidents of the troubles, largely because of the graphic TV coverage which showed dozens of men attacking their car.. They were then taken to the grounds of the nearby Casement Park where they were subjected to further beatings, stripped to their socks and underpants, and searched..Here, the IRA took control of the situation.. The corporals were mistakenly identified as members of the SAS - the British special forces unit that had killed 3 IRA members in Gibraltar 2 weeks earlier.. The corporals were subjected to further beatings, before being thrown over a 9ft wall and driven in a black taxi to waste ground less than 200 metres away...Once there, the two men were killed by members of the IRA.. Corporal Derek Wood was shot 6 times and stabbed 4 times in the back of the neck.. Corporal David Howes was shot 5 times...Two IRA men, Alex Murphy and Harry Maguire, received life sentences for the murders, with others convicted later on lesser charges..Their families watched as the coffins, draped in Union flags, were carried from the aeroplane by colleagues, with the band of the Corps of Signals playing in the background..

The Eighth Sign...

1988 December 16–Egg minister Edwina Currie resigns as Health minister – Perennial U.S. presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche is convicted of mail fraud/17 - USSR performs nuclear test- 77th Davis Cup: Germany beats Sweden in Gothenburg (4-1)- USS Tennessee, 1st sub to carry Trident 2 missiles, commissioned- NY Islanders break 12 game losing streak, beat Devils 5-2\19-Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors publishes its house price survey, revealing a deep recession in the housing market-PC Gavin Carlton, 29, is shot dead in Coventry in a siege by 2 armed bank robbers.. His colleague DC Leonard Jakeman is also shot but survives-One of the gunmen gives himself up to police, while the other shoots himself dead - Unexploded WW II bomb found in Frankfurt, Germany-5,000 evacuated- Oklahoma's College football team gets 3 year probation/20 – The 3-month-old daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York is christened Beatrice Elizabeth Mary– The United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances is signed at Vienna- Animal rights activists fire-bomb Harrod's dept store, London\21-Pan Am Flight 103 is blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing a total of 270 people.. Those responsible are believed to be Libyans-Drexel Burnham Lambert agreed to plead guilty to insider trading and other violations and pay penalties of US$650 million-Crew 16 - Vladimir Titov & Musa Manarov return to earth (a year) with Chretien/22 – Brazilian union and environmental activist Chico Mendes is assassinated - 2 robbers wearing police uniforms rob armoured truck of $3M in NJ - South Africa signs accord granting independence to South West Africa- Tug hits oil barge, spreads 231,000 gal on 300 mi of WA & BC coast\26 - "Legs Diamond" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 64 perfs/28- Tarrant, 1st Aust born Zen teacher, receives Dharma Transmission- USSR performs nuclear test\29- Soviet Red Army Team edges NY Islanders, 3-2 at Nassau Coliseum - Victorian Post Office Museum in Australia closes/30- Mercedes-Benz pays $20.2-M fine\31– The 17th annual New Year's Rockin' Eve special airs on ABC- "The Fog Bowl", a heavy, dense fog rolled over Soldier Field in Chicago..

Woods is a common surname of English and Irish origin..A wood is a type of club used in the sport of golf. Woods have longer shafts and larger, rounder heads than other club types, and are used to hit the ball longer distances than other types..Woods are numbered in ascending order starting with the driver, or 1-wood, which has the lowest loft (usually between 9 and 13 degrees), and continuing with progressively higher lofts and numbers..A recent trend is to produce woods and hybrids that can be adjusted by the player to provide different lofts and other settings..The Woods, locality in Sandwell, England is a metropolitan borough in the West Midlands of England.. The borough is named after the Sandwell Priory, and spans a densely populated part of both the Black Country and the West Midlands conurbation..Sandwell Priory was a small medieval Benedictine monastery house, near West Bromwich, then part of Staffordshire, England..The Woods was expressly written to examine the question 'why don't men and women get along?'..Do you actually like haggis?.Woods is an unincorporated community and coal town in Floyd County, Kentucky, US..The Common Plot (aka Mudley Pits) is a large area of open and wooded common land sited just to the north of the town of Stone..Now this is something the other tour guides won't tell you..The place-name's meaning is exactly what is stated...
http://www.palacebarracksmemorialgar...dered-belfast/ break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend..Today and tomorrow I cast out demons..Either way, it's dangerous..You know what I feel like?.A Big Mac?.The man's psychic!..

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