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Arrow Desert Fugitives

The Serpent And The Rainbow opening ...
An SAS soldier has spoken for the first time of his epic 110 mile desert trek surviving off a leaking goatskin water bottle and a handful of dates.. In 74, there was controversy in the US surrounding goatskin products originating in Haiti.. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control discovered that some Of these products contained deadley Anthrax spores...An inquiry into a man's Da'at from anthrax has concluded that "on balance of probabilities" he contacted it from playing or handling West African drums...

Major Mike Sadler today and in North Africa during the Second World War..

Major Willis Michael Sadler’s extraordinary journey is part of the series of heroic exploits that have been disclosed in the SAS War Diary..One of a handful of surviving original SAS men, Maj Sadler, 93, known as Mike, was navigator for the regiment’s founder David Stirling, guiding raiding columns for hundreds of miles behind enemy lines in North Africa..In 1943, the officer was driven to the brink of death when a column led by Col Stirling set out from Libya to link up with the American forces in Tunisia..Driving for hundreds of miles a day and night, the exhausted column finally got through the Gabès Gap on the Tunisian coast and hid in a narrow wadi..but the men had been seen by German troops, who waited for nightfall then sealed off the wadi entrance with an armoured car and moved in..

Maj Sadler said: “I was woken in my sleeping bag by some German Afrika Korps chap who beckoned us to keep lying down. They went down line detaining the rest of the patrol”..However, with the Germans taking care of their comrades, he and a fellow soldier, Johnny Cooper, “nipped out of our bunk and made a run for it”. The rest of the patrol was captured, including Stirling..The fugitives spent the day hiding in a ditch, helped by Arab goat herders who drove their animals over them to give cover from their pursuers. The soldiers were equipped with only what they had slept in — their boots and battledress tunic, although one of the Arabs gave them a damaged goatskin water carrier..“For the next 3 days and four nights we walked from east to west with great salt lakes to one side,” said Maj Sadler.. “Fortunately I knew the lay of the land and how to navigate but it was still pretty rugged going.. We managed to replenish the goatskin with some brackish water from a well and we had a few dates for food to keep us going but that was it.. We were quite flat out by the time we made it to the Free French lines”..There was a shortage of water, and the main diet was tins of meat and vegetables, bully beef and corned beef fritters...

The zahato is the traditional goatskin bottle of the Basque shepherds.. The nozzle, traditionally in horn, is fixed by a red collar.. The zahato is carried across the shoulder with the red cord which surrounds it along the seam..I have heard it said that a higher proportion of Basque people have O-negative blood than other populations and that this is because they are the oldest ethnically pure group in Europe.. Is there any truth in this assertion?. Is the blood group an inherited characteristic?...It is very interesting that the Rh Negative blood is more common in the Celitc and Basque peoples ?...

Watchtower at a heavily fortified base in Crossmaglen..

The SAS is accepting cheques made payable to the SAS Regimental Association,PO Box 35051 London NW1 4WF...

Gorleben is known as the site of a controversial radioactive waste disposal facility, currently used as an intermediate storage facility but planned to serve with the salt dome Gorleben as a future deep final repository for waste from nuclear reactors.. The waste comes from Germany's nuclear power plants, was reprocessed in France at La Hague, and the unusable remains then sent back to Germany in spent nuclear fuel shipping casks for final storage, according to the contract with the reprocessing company, Cogema..Before German reunification in 1990, both West and East Germany ratified the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany..Since July 2007,the only German nuclear base is located in Büchel Air Base, near the border with Luxembourg..The City of Sadler is served by the S and S Consolidated Independent School District... a year there were fires on the ridges and deranged chanting..We were so worried about you, and now we don't have to worry about a thing.. How does that sound?.Is that okay?..
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