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Lightbulb Mission Evasion

Soon afterwards, another vehicle went past on main beam and illuminated a road sign up ahead.. Chris was gutted by what it said.. He was 30 miles further from the border than he'd estimated.. That equated to another two nights of travel, which depressed him severely.. When it came to first light, Chris couldn't find a decent LUP and started flapping.. After a lot of running around, he eventually got into a big culvert under the main road..That seemed to be fine, until he heard the ominously familiar sound of goat bells...

A herd of goats was coming up the culvert heading, he supposed, for the fields on the other side.. Chris legged it from his hiding place and managed to scramble about 6 feet up the embankment before an old goat herder emerged, followed by a donkey and the world's supply of goats and a pair of dogs.. They were bound to scent him.. He had a split second in which to decide whether to shoot the old man to be on the safe side, or just do a runner..The dogs made the decision for him, running straight past without looking up.. The rest of the procession followed without a flicker..Chris couldn't believe it. He had been within spitting distance of them all. He could only think that the dogs had been put off by the scent of the goats or that of the old boy's dirty dish dash..They would almost certainly be going back that way before last light, however, so Chris knew that he'd have to move.. He started crawling along a wadi, having to get down every time a vehicle went along which was often..

The ground had changed by now, from lush, irrigated vegetation to wadi systems and small mounds covered with thorn bushes. It was hard going. After about 5 miles he found a large depression in the ground and settled down for the rest of the day..Chris had used up his supply of muddy river water and was dehydrating badly. He knew, however, that he had to keep away from the Euphrates, since every hut seemed to have a dog in it.. He'd just have to keep going and hope that he'd find water elsewhere soon..At last light he got up and headed due west, walking for several hours..At one point an air-raid siren went off ahead of him, and through the night sight he could make out an emplacement that appeared to consist of several S60s, together with radio masts and sentries who were patrolling.. He boxed around the position and came to a small stream flowing over white rock.. Not wasting a second, he undid his water bottles and quickly filled them.. Then he moved on straightaway..

57 mm AZP S-60 (Автоматическая зенитная пушка С-60, (AZP); Automatic anti-aircraft gun S-60) is a Soviet towed, road-transportable, short- to medium-range, single-barrel anti-aircraft gun from the 1950s.. The gun was extensively used in Warsaw Pact, Middle Eastern and South-East Asian countries..The S-60 and its Chinese copy (the Type 59) have seen combat in several wars all over the World, e.g. the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War in the Middle East and the Soviet war in Afghanistan. During the Vietnam War, the S-60 was the keystone of North Vietnamese low-altitude air defense and was most effective between 460 meters and 1,500 meters..In Iraq (Iran–Iraq War, Gulf War and Iraq War), the S-60, normally deployed in battalions of 36 guns, served consistently in defense of divisional headquarters and field artillery assets..Syrian S-60 guns were actively used during the Syrian Civil War by both the army and different rebel groups.. As many other guns originally designed for antiaircraft use, most of the time they were used in shelling ground targets..The S-60 was sold to at least 37 different countries during the Soviet era..S60: This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste, a safety phrase in chemistry..There was originally an S sector of the London postal district, which was abolished in 1868... you look at Hunt's operational history, and I have, you'll notice that he invariably favours misdirection over confrontation..The satellite doesn't work as fast as I do...
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