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Selection & Training - Part 1/3 ..
After leaving the British Army, McAleese became a mercenary in Angola for the FNLA, taking command of the unit after the capture of Costas Georgiou.. He then emigrated to Rhodesia and joined the Rhodesian SAS.. At Zimbabwean independence in 1980, McAleese departed for South Africa and was assigned to a paratrooper unit called 44 Parachute Brigade within which he was required to form a pathfinder unit. After ending his task he worked for COIN Security Group (Pty) Ltd, a civilian security company.. After a serious parachuting accident he went back to the UK and did some mercenary work in Colombia.. In the mid 1990s Peter worked training Russian bodyguards in Moscow with Mike Steele.. McAleese worked in the security industry in Algeria, Russia and Iraq for 12 years..

Pathfinders were required to operate behind enemy lines in small teams (two to six) for extended periods, often under conditions of enduring physical, mental and emotional stress and fatigue, while carrying out their primary and any other supporting tasks to effective completion.. They were expected to be able to operate far behind enemy lines for up to two weeks at a time without resupply, while carrying full operational kit that included all necessary water and food, personal weapons and ammunition, radios and ops medic kits, LZ/DZ marking equipment, survival equipment, camouflage equipment, specialist weapons with extra ammunition, demolitions equipment, and any other specialist operational equipment.. They would often walk for twenty kilometres or more, especially during the infiltration phase, during the day or at night in hostile environments, all the time maintaining strict discipline in anti-tracking, personal camouflage, noise suppression, and generally leaving no trace of their presence.. They were also required to be able to set up small ‘invisible’ hides where they could lie up during the day undetected by herders looking for ‘enemy’ tracks and signs...

The National Service Pathfinder was expected to demonstrate mental, physical and emotional toughness under conditions of stress and discomfort while maintaining high standards of personal discipline. He had to be able to think and act clearly and effectively and take leadership where necessary to complete the mission at hand regardless of the circumstances. It is clear therefore that although the national service Pathfinder was not a professional or career soldier, he had to be able to perform similar tasks a professional Special Forces soldier and therefore the selection process could not be ‘diluted’ too much from standards required for career soldiers.. The selection process implemented was therefore structured to weed out candidates who could not meet the required standards and criteria for extended external operations and any other Pathfinder operational requirements... new command is an illusion..Indefinitely. On, and on, and on!..Today, I was given a brigade of Tigers..THAT is reality..I'm here to rent the Huey...
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