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Lightbulb Adoration at the bath

O warrior, unafraid and willing, with your blood you renew the world!..
Originally Posted by surfer12 View Post
An aerial view of Bath showing a key embedded in the street layout of Bath...

* Freemason John Wood the Elder was the architect responsible for the Royal Crescent and The Circus.

* He travelled to London at a young age, became a Freemason and returning back to bath with great contacts and knowledge, he set to work on his designs.

* In building The Circus, it appears John Wood was inspired by the Coliseum in Rome and English sacred stone circles, like Stone Henge and the Stanton Drew stone circle near Bristol.

* It's possible that The Circus was built on the site of an ancient stone circle.

* The Circus represents the Sun. The Royal Crescent the Moon.

* The street that connects The Circus with Queen Square forms the shape of a key.

* The diameter of the stone circles at Stone Henge and Stanton Drew near Bristol, measure 316 feet (60 cubits). This is the same measurement as the diameter of The Circus in Bath and also of the width and length of Queen Square. Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem is also described in the Bible as being 60 cubits by 60 cubits, forming a cube.

* Bath Masonic Lodge is rich in symbolism... a beehive embossed on the back of the Grand Master's chair, a compass and square with all seeing eye and various other symbols, many of which can be seen around Bath, especially along the facades of the buildings in the Circle.. who keeps the keys to Heaven rules the world.. Put the keystone on the table..You will not succeed.. Only the worthy can unlock the stone...
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