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Lightbulb Main Mineral Mined

Bob Marley - Zimbabwe 17th April 1980 .. Christopher Ndiweni (Zim93boy) 4 months ago-i look at this video and it breaks my heart at the country that Zimbabwe could have been but instead u see a country that is just a shell of its former self a country were all the hopes and aspirations of its citizens black and white have been crushed...
Bushtick Mine was a gold mining operation established in the 1920s and operative through early 1950s in Matabeleland in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).. It was established by the British South Africa Company..The mine was a substantial producer of gold and, initially, thought to be part of a significant deposit of the precious metal in the area.. This did not prove to be the case and after the mine was closed its facilities were to become the basis of Falcon College, a higher education level school for boys aged 12-18..The school is based on a house system that is divided into 6 Houses.. During the bush war, a girls' house was included as a security measure during that period for girls of teachers and those from the local area..It is located 12 kilometers from Esigodini (old Essexvale). Frederick Courtney Selous, the noted scout, hunter, conservationist and adventurer, had his farm nearby..The foundations of the house can be viewed on google earth...

Woman panning for gold in Guinea..

Madziwa Mine is a village that grew up next to a gold mine of the same name in the province of Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe.. It is located 32 km north of Shamva and about 100 km north-west of Harare..During the 2002/2003 rainy season, the area experienced heavy flooding, along with several other Zimbabwean provinces...

A Mineral is a naturally occurring substance that is solid and inorganic representable by a chemical formula, usually abiogenic, and has an ordered atomic structure..Minerva (Etruscan: Menrva) was the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy..Military mining, undermining or tunnel warfare is a siege method based on mining techniques which has been used since antiquity against a walled city, fortress, castle or other strongly held and fortified military position...

Macte nova virtue, puer; sic itur ad astra...'ve got 6 more bullets in my gun..You see, in this world there's 2 kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig..I thought 3 was the perfect number..You chose your way, I chose mine..Oh I almost forgot..Here, this is for you..While I'm waiting for the Lord to remember me...

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