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Question Coincidence

Bakari on the cover of her book ..
Nearly 4 years after the 7/7 bombing, England's worst terrorist atrocity, The Conspiracy Files investigates the conspiracy theories flourishing on the internet..

There have been three official reports into the bombings on 7th July, which claimed the lives of 52 people along with the 4 people identified as the bombers, and injured 784 others.

The programme sees how conspiracy theories suggest 4 British Muslims were framed by the government, play on the fears of the Muslim community and spread a highly divisive and damaging message..

The Conspiracy Files: 7/7 examines the evidence in an attempt to separate fact from fiction.

Produced and Directed by Tristan Quinn..Series Producer: Mike Rudin..Tuesday, 30 June, 2009-2100 BST, BBC Two-designated as:Year of the Gorilla-International Year of Astronomy..

Yello Drive Driven ..

Rudin was written by Turgenev in the immediate aftermath of the Crimean War..The main protagonist of the novel. Rudin is a well-educated, intellectual and extremely eloquent nobleman..Walter Rudin (May 2, 1921 – May 20, 2010) was an American mathematician and professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison-Rudin was born into a Jewish family in Austria in 1921..In 1953, he married fellow mathematician Mary Ellen Estill.. The two resided in Madison, Wisconsin, in the eponymous Walter Rudin House, a home designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright..The surname Quinn is an Anglicised form of the Irish Ó Coinn...

June 1 – Air France Flight 447, en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Paris, crashes into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 228 on board– An Ipsos MORI opinion poll suggests the Conservatives are on course for a landslide election victory- General Motors files for chapter 11 bankruptcy.. It is the 4th largest United States bankruptcy in history/9 - Brazil officially enters recession...

BBC Conspiracy Files: 7/7 ..

Notable passengers...

Prince Pedro Luís of Orléans-Bragança, third in succession to the abolished throne of Brazil. He had dual Brazilian–Belgian citizenship. He was returning home to Luxembourg from a visit to his relatives in Rio de Janeiro/Silvio Barbato, composer and former conductor of the symphony orchestras of the Cláudio Santoro National Theater in Brasilia and the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theatre; he was en route to Kiev for engagements there\Pablo Dreyfus from Argentina, a campaigner for controlling illegal arms and the illegal drugs trade/Fatma Ceren Necipoğlu, Turkish classical harpist and academic of Anadolu University in Eskişehir; she was returning home via Paris after performing at the 4th Rio Harp Festival..

11 – The outbreak of the H1N1 influenza strain, commonly referred to as "swine flu", is deemed a global pandemic, becoming the first condition since the Hong Kong flu of 1967–1968 to receive this designation - A Texas mother was hit by lightning while standing in her kitchen inside her Texas home- Witnesses say the lightning came through a light fixture and struck her chest and exited her foot. Her 9-year-old son franticly called 9-1-1 to save her life.. She had to spend 3 days in the hospital- Bulgarian authorities declare the country is officially in recession after dropping 1.6% in the last quarter...

14-The first Swine Flu related death in the UK is confirmed by the Scottish Government at 20:30BST-The Big Top 40 Show is the first real-time chart show ever to be broadcast in the UK, consisting of downloads and airplay- 55th LPGA Championship won by Anna Nordqvist- 63rd NBA Championship: Los Angeles Lakers beat Orlando Magic, 4 games to 1..

18 – NASA launches the Lunar Recon Orbiter/LCROSS – MPs expenses are published online by Parliamentary authorities, but the decision to black out many of the details leads to criticism...

20 – The death of Neda Agha-Soltan, an Iranian student shot during a protest, is captured on what soon becomes a viral snuff video..

22-Washington Metro subway crash:2 Metro trains collide in Washington, D.C., USA, killing 9 and injuring over 80-Glover shoots a 276 at Bethpage State Park NY...

25 – The death of American entertainer Michael Jackson triggers an outpouring of worldwide grief– The BBC publishes the expenses of some of its top executives- Colombia enters into recession after witnessing 0.7% contraction in the last quarter..

30 - Turkey records its fastest contraction of 13.8% in the first quarter – Yemenia Flight 626 crashes off the coast of Moroni, Comoros, killing all but one of the 153 passengers and crew... Most passengers are believed to be either Comoran or French nationals-Dubbed "the miracle girl" by the world press ("la miraculée" in French), Bakari was flown back to France on a private Falcon-900 government jet, escorted by French Cooperation Minister Alain Joyandet..At approx. 11 local time (08:00 UTC), about 9 hours after the crash, the Sima Com 2 — a privately owned ship which normally carries passengers between Comoros and the neighboring island of Madagascar — arrived at the crash site and discovered Bakari, as the sole survivor among bits of floating wreckage..She has reportedly turned down an offer by Steven Spielberg to make a film based on her book..

The son of a bricklayer, Menezes grew up on a farm in Gonzaga, Minas Gerais, Brazil..After discovering an early aptitude for electronics, he left the farm at age 14 to live with his uncle in São Paulo and further his education..Immigration records show that Menezes entered the Republic of Ireland from France on 23 April 2005.. "We have seen a copy of Mr Menezes' passport, containing a stamp apparently giving him indefinite leave to remain in the UK.. On investigation, this stamp was not one that was in use by the Immigration and Nationality Directorate on the date given".. This was denied by the family of Menezes; and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw stated that he believed Menezes was living in the UK legally, but had no precise information to confirm this..Menezes, an electrician, lived in one of the flats with two of his cousins, and had just received a call to fix a broken fire alarm in Kilburn.. At around 9:30am, officers carrying out surveillance saw Menezes emerge from the communal entrance of the block..An officer on duty at Scotia Road, referred to as 'Frank' in the Stockwell One report..On the basis of Frank's suspicion, Gold Command authorised officers to continue pursuit and surveillance, and ordered that the suspect was to be prevented from entering the Tube system..2 officers fired a total of 11 shots according to the number of empty shell casings found on the floor of the train afterwards. Menezes was shot se7en times in the head and once in the shoulder at close range, and died at the scene..On 27 July 2005, Menezes's body was flown to Brazil for burial..Stockwell is one of 8 London Underground stations with an adjacent deep-level air-raid shelter, constructed during the Second World War...'s what I like to hear.. But I got a word of warning for all you would-be warriors..I can't change the Dark Lord's mind.. When you join my command, you take on searching for long-range comms...

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