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Lightbulb Possession

Theatrical release poster..
At around 6:30 PM on Wednesday, November 13, 1974, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo, Jr.,( "Butch" ) entered Henry's Bar in Amityville, Long Island, New York, and declared: "You got to help me! I think my mother and father are shot!.. As he continues to help the Lutz Family, Delaney experiences more strange events (his car brakes and steering malfunction) and frustrations (lack of support by his superiors in the diocese).. He ultimately appears to lose faith, becoming blind and having a breakdown..George begins to be more sullen and angry over perceived cold in the house, and obsesses with splitting logs and keeping the fireplace stoked...


Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld; 30 September 1947 – 16 September 1977) was an English singer-songwriter, poet and guitarist. He is best known as the frontman of glam rock group T. Rex.. His father was Jewish and of Russian/Polish heritage and his mother was a Christian..While at school, he played guitar in "Susie and the Hula Hoops"..During lunch breaks at school, he would play his guitar in the playground to a small audience of friends..Bolan died on 16 September 1977, two weeks before his 30th birthday..He was a passenger in a purple Mini 1275GT (registration FOX 661L) driven by Gloria Jones as they headed home from Mortons drinking club and restaurant in Berkeley Square.. Jones lost control of the car: it struck a steel reinforced chain link fence post and came to rest against a sycamore tree after failing to negotiate a small humpback bridge near Gipsy Lane on Queens Ride, Barnes, southwest London. Richard Madeley of daytime TV fame informed fans that low tyre pressure contributed to the fatal crash..Bolan's home, which was less than a mile away at 142 Upper Richmond Road West in East Sheen, was looted shortly thereafter..

Flies Attack Father Delaney..

I got idea man

You take me for a walk

Under the sycamore trees

The dark trees that blow baby

In the dark trees that blow

And I'll see you And you'll see me

And I'll see you in the branches that blow

In the breeze,

I'll see you in the trees

Under the sycamore trees...

Amityville is a village in the town of Babylon in Suffolk County, New York, in the United States..The area was originally called Huntington West Neck South (it is on the Great South Bay and Suffolk County, New York border in the southwest corner of what once called Huntington South but is now the Town of Babylon..According to village lore, the name was changed in 1846 when residents were working to establish its new post office..Annie Oakley was said to be a frequent guest of vaudevillian Fred Stone. Will Rogers had a home across Clocks Boulevard from Stone.. Gangster Al Capone also had a house in the community.. Amityville is twinned with Zhukovsky in Russia/Le Bourget, France..It is located 10.6 km (6.6 mi) from the center of Paris..Zhukovsky was granted town status April 23, 1947..The urban-type settlement of Stakhanovo was founded in 1935 from the dacha settlement Otdykh (literally, "Relaxation")..Zhukovsky is a home to the M. M. Gromov Flight Research Institute..

The Triangle - The fork of Broadway and Park Avenue, along with Ireland Place create a triangular plot of land at the center of the village. The Triangle building was built in 1892, the same year that Ireland Place opened.. A gazebo was added to the north point of The Triangle prior to 1988.. In 1994, The Triangle was officially designated “Memorial Triangle” in memory of all who have served the village..Amityville is served by the Babylon Branch of the Long Island Railroad..

Demonic possession is held by many belief systems to be the spirit possession of an individual by a malevolent preternatural being, commonly known as a demon..Spirit possession is a term for the belief that animas, demons, extraterrestrials, gods, or spirits can take control of a human body.Additionally, there is a form of monomania called demonomania or demonopathy in which the patient believes that he or she is possessed by one or more demons... the killers in this country say the same thing.. The voices.. The voices told me to do it.. But I heard them, Father.. I heard voices!.Then explain this..Explain my hand, if you can do that..Go on! Explain how the car went out of control.. Go on! Father Bolan was with me.. You tell him..Well, the wheel locked and then the.."The wheel locked".. How about a mechanical defect? I'd blame Detroit a lot faster than the Devil...

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